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Welcome to my legless empire! 'Reed site three'


'Ours is not to reason why'

Legless beer connoisseur, emperor

'Just drink beer and learn to fly'

Carlsberg Royal Stout------- The beer connoisseur's brew -------The solitaire's ale

Cheers and Welcome to

Legless Fool Reed Empire HQ 2011

Unofficial British ambassador in Asia
(This site is currently under reconstruction, sorry for any inconvenience!)


Solo - Legless recluse den Home and office of the solitaire legless fool Legless emperor

HQ for John McMiken - Ian Reed Legless Empire Website Operations

(More legless now)

My legless fool group of websites are my personal websites, they are not commercial websites, just personal websites and as such, I feel that they should reflect the personality of the owner. I think that my websites should be a fairly unique experience for the viewer and I have put appropriate music on most of the pages to give them ambience. So if my websites do not fit into to your preconceived ideas of how a website should be, then please just accept that my sites are just:

Part of this Legless Fool's Empire Legless recluse style.



The holiday season is over now, so I have updated this website back into normal mode.

This new legless fool website HQ command centre, has now taken over from my previous Legless Headquarters website, because it was wrongly shut down by the irresponsible web hosting service 'Fasthosts UK'. This new base zone is hosted by a trusted and responsible web host and it will always give access to and give an overview and information about all of my legless zones / websites / books / library of stories / Asian diaries and there is plenty of room for lots more on here I hope in the future. As the site director, head of operations and being an ex RAF officer, I do try to keep things organised and in logical order, but also being ex British military, I shall always keep certain things on a purely 'need to know' basis. This website is a consolidation of some of my previous websites, Legless in Thailand and Ex Post Facto on one server, plus a lot more already and plans for future expansion of my legless fool's world empire group of websites are in hand, money/funds permitting. I am the builder of this website and it is constantly under my personal construction and development, not completely alone but with the help and company of some beers and a few other intoxicating friends that give me new ideas.Beer my legless love solo I had music on my original websites and eventually I shall integrate some music onto this website too for your enjoyment, relaxation, pleasure and maybe even a little fun whilst you are on the web viewing my site. I hope that I can take a short break for a holiday or even celebrate with a party when it is finally completed, but there is still too much internet and computer logic work for me to do on here at the present time. I have to try and keep this site in a fully operational state and I regularly implement new ideas to the design of the site to try to maintain a good appearance and a high profile online presence most of the time.

At the moment my Asian diaries is the section of this website that should progress steadily, I have been writing a new page for these diaries virtually every day over the previous months and it already consists of more than fifty pages. Even though I am originally from England, UK, I have spent almost half of my life in Asia. The diaries are about my life and times in Asia, not only Thailand, but Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea too. Thailand is obviously going to be the largest collection of these diaries and it is the country that I am currently writing about. The Asian Diaries pages are going to progress slowly, because I have no deadlines to keep and I am always wary of making any stupid decisions or mistakes by trying to rush the work. At my present rate of production, the Asian Diaries will not be up to the present date for about another four or five years, it is a major project because I have more than 25 years to write about. I am a regular beer drinker and it does help me to remember when I am writing my diaries, I usually write at nights and I am always legless (Take my leg off), because I don't use my legs to write and I keep my beer handily in a fridge just one arm's length away, so you could say that beer is my personal assistant with these diaries. Legless assistant Legless cheers

I didn't use the name legless for my websites out of choice initially, but because of an act of God, a motoring accident, I am now literally legless, not legless drunk, it certainly wasn't by choice, it was forced upon me. So in these legless times in my life, I just use the word in my websites because it does literally apply to me and describes me perfectly and people remember me because I am absolutely and permanently legless now for life. I can walk a little, because I do have a prosthesis for my amputated leg and it works reasonably well, but the only times that I can walk easily and run these days without constantly looking at the floor for surface problems is in my daily beer-induced legless coma / sleep and dreams. beer for Legless sleep Legless sleep nights

In Thailand, I am just a legless, alien, beer drinking recluse to the local Thai people here, they know that I am not just a tourist or any problem to them and so they generally just leave me alone to do my own thing The alien legless recluse.

In conclusion to my introduction and my last personal words on here:

Penang is my ultimate destination now and it is the place that I foresee that this legless fool will finally retire in and hang up his leg for good. Funds permitting, I shall try and relocate to Penang just as quickly as I possibly can, it is without a doubt my favourite place in the world, it is just so old-worldly, cosmopolitan, it is steeped in culture and it has lots of history and atmosphere. Penang is also a gourmet's paradise, the diversity of different ethnic food outlets available can suit everyone's taste and you do not have to travel very far to find what you like, just a fairly short stroll around the main roads and small back streets in Georgetown and you will surely find something ideal for your taste or fancy.

To me Penang is the epitome of the Far East as I know it and as I would like to know it and Lastly, but by no means least, the people in Penang are genuine people they are ever so friendly and inviting to visitors, unlike other Asian countries that I could mention!

August 2009: I have just returned from a very long trip to the South of Thailand with many cross border trips into Penang, Malaysia to look for future accommodation and to help a good friend with her problems there. The next step in my move to Penang, is moving to my new Thai base at Songkhla in the South of Thailand and funds permitting, I should be permanently based there just as soon as I can. I have already had a room there and I have already found a relaxing, cheap place to drink beer in the evenings by the sea The alien legless recluse happy Beer in a sleepy fishing port.


Penang the pearl of the orient - Click on the banner or on this text for Penang information

John McMiken British boozers Bangkok The Legless Fool hoping to retire in Penang.


Phetchomphu my pink diamond Tribute page for a very special person in my life

The latest tales/stories on my legless group websites:

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Ours is just to do and die - in memory of Pet

I am 'Legless in Thailand', Asia - My title, my book, my life, my never ending story.

About my new book and my Pink Diamond in Thailand

Take a tour around to see what's new before you go out and get legless again anytime legless tour


As a personal thank you to everyone that has already purchased my book, I have decided to open a new folder on my Legless in Thailand website called the LIT Club which will be in operation very shortly and everyone that has bought my book may register with me and will be given a webpage in this new folder where you can display any information about yourself that you would like to completely free of charge. I shall also answer any questions and give free information about Thailand for any of my registered book readers/purchasers. For anyone that is interested in this new LIT Club please email me at:

A personal tribute to one of the deceased characters from my book

My new Legless in Thailand e-book update page

My published book Legless in Thailand can be purchased here

The Legless FoolJohn McMiken

LIT Club

If you would like to contact the Legless Fool then click on this line or send an email to All emails are dealt with personally, no automated responses here and definitely no spam emails, your details are safe with me and shall not be passed on to anyone else. I personally hate email lists!!


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