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I am a Legless fool physically, emotionally and by name.

Ian Reed / John McMiken (The legless fool)

Queen's commission RAF


British expat recluse in Thailand
Born in Prescot, Lancashire, England in 1951

I was the eldest son of Eric and Janette Reed. I lived all of my early years in St Helens, Lancashire in North West England, until after finishing Secondary Technical School, I enlisted in the Royal Air Force in January 1968 and attended RAF college for 2 years studying the profession of 'Flight Systems Engineer, Electronics'. I graduated with honours and went on to serve the RAF in many locations in the world for the next 12+ years. I left the RAF by choice in September 1980 and went into employment with a computer company, GEC Computers in UK and served as a Senior Field Service Engineer for 4 years. In 1984 I joined a major UK & International Defence Contractor as a Project Engineer and took care of their business in Europe and SE Asia. In 1986 I moved to Thailand having met a girl there from a previous business visit and tried to start a new life, but failed (in my book). Since then I have just tried to survive as a foreigner in this country and make a living, it has been very difficult in recent years as an invalid, but I am still surviving, just. I had a very bad road traffic accident in Thailand in May 2001, in which I almost died, broke almost every bone in my body, I was in a coma for three weeks and lost one of my legs below the knee. I have written a book, "Legless in Thailand" ISBN 13: 978-0-8059-8364-7 under my writing name of John McMiken, which starts with me waking up from the coma and goes on to cover some of my experiences in Thailand, which have been far from normal in recent years. I first started writing whilst I was recuperating after my accident in the N E of Thailand. Some of my experiences in Asia I have now put on this website: Reed in Asia -Asian Diaries.

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Works of Fiction

All of my short stories and my first book up to date, are based on fact and actual events, some good and some bad, but I found them relatively easy to write, because to get all the facts required for the stories, I just had to delve deeper into my memory and put the stories and situations involved, into words that people can relate to and understand easily. Works of fiction however, like the novel I am writing at the moment, 'Ex Post Facto' are a completely different matter altogether, as I am now learning the hard way. Because even though the basic story is concocted in my brain and I know where I should start and I already have the ending, I am finding that the main body of the story is quite difficult to develop and write properly from a reader’s point of view and takes a lot more thought and research than I realised. I now really appreciate the authors of good fiction books that I have read before, because only now do I realise the hard work that is involved with this.

The frustrating thing that I personally find about my present situation is, although I enjoy writing, I am basically more of a business person with an entrepreneur spirit. I have some very good business ideas and unique product designs that I know would be successful, but unfortunately, I do not have the funds to put them into practice. Oh well, such is life! I am now just living the lifestyle of a recluse in Thailand and I prefer it that way now.

Aircraft and music have played an important part in my life, so please understand whilst viewing my website, you will see images and hear various songs that have had meaning for me in my life and still bring back memories, some good and some not so good. "Please enjoy yourself !"

Legless book by expat, recluse author John McMiken

Planet of the Gods

If you would like to email me, email: legless@reedinter.co.uk

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