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When I lost my leg in a road traffic accident a few years ago, initially I received a new leg from a hospital in UK. I had a lot of problems with my false leg and complained about it back home in Thailand. A Thai friend then told me about The Prostheses Foundation of Thailand and arranged for me to visit them. When they saw my problem, they told me that they could make a new leg for me that would be much better and lighter and they reassured me that I would soon be walking like a normal person again. Initially I took this with a grain of salt, having been disappointed with my previous leg from UK, but, my new leg from Thailand was really wonderful, I was soon walking like any other person and unlike with my previous leg, it just snapped on with no straps required and there was no pain at all, it is just like having a real leg again.

I have created this page as a thank you to the Prostheses Foundation of Thailand, this is a wonderful organisation that provides new limbs for anyone in need completely free, because it operates only on contributions from the Royal Family of Thailand, companies and individuals so that any amputee, irrespective of their race, religion or financial situation, can enjoy life normally again.

If anyone would like to know more about this organisation or would like to contribute to this genuine worthy cause, then you can visit their website at:

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