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Are you Looking For a Website or an Online Presence?

If you feel confident enough, then you could go ahead and create a website by yourself, but if you have never done it before, then you will be in for a very long learning curve. Basic websites are written in H. T. M. L. which is HyperText Markup Language and it is not too difficult to learn yourself given some time. You may also have good personal graphic design experience yourself and can create your own graphic designs for your proposed website. But all of that is just the start of your online presence, next you have to choose a suitable 'Domain Name' e.g. 'http://www.mywebsite.com' and this name, as you will find out very much later, it is very important for good search ranking that you get this right at the start.

Next, you have designed your website, registered a suitable domain name and now you need a webhost to put your website on the internet, this is not too difficult a task because there are many companies on the internet offering hosting services, so now you get your website hosted and you have your website uploaded and available on the internet, but can anyone find it? Of course, you can tell your friends the Domain Name/URL address of your website and sure they will find it, but can anyone else on the internet/web find it?

The way that most people find websites on the internet is by using the search engines, Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. and most internet users use search words (keywords) for example, 'new car, washing machine, cheap holidays, good book, etc.' and then the search engine will come up with websites that seem to match their search words. This seems to work very well for someone searching, but if your website is about 'house for sale' or 'my summer holidays' and you type these words into the search engine and search for yourself, where is your website? I can surely guarantee you that just because you now have a website on the internet it will not appear immediately for the words that you are hoping will now find your site.

So what do you do now? You have to get the major search engines to recognise the presence of your website and to try and make it appear in the first few search engine results pages (SERPs) for the chosen keywords that you think are applicable to your site*. Well, this is the most difficult part about creating a website, the website design and hosting are relatively easy, but the search engine optimsation (SEO) as it is called, is much more difficult and for the average person working on this, it can take literally years to get any reasonable results.

* Not just search engine results, but links to your website on other popular websites can also help a great deal with this.

Why have I just written the paragraphs above? So that anyone who is reading this page can now understand just what a major task it can be to have your own website up and running and to get it noticed/recognised on the internet.


Fool's Legless Empire Webcast Upload Packages (FLEW UP)

Now what I am offering on this website, is to completely take care of your own personal complete website/internet presence. I am offering website/graphic design services, suitable domain name suggestions and registration, web hosting and search engine presence, website links and much more, all in a complete package for what I consider is a very reasonable fee, considering the work that is involved. The packages that I am offering are ongoing packages and frequent updates/changes to the site are included in the fee.

I know that there are many people offering similar services to mine on the internet, so why should you choose me? Well, firstly because I am biased and I think / I know that I am the best Legless ego. Secondly, I have been working on the internet for the last fifteen years and I have seen many changes in that time, I also on a daily basis try to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing search engine algorithms. Thirdly, if you still have your doubts about my abilities, then do a search on any of the search engines for the words 'Legless fool' and I can guarantee that you will find one of my websites in the number one position in the (SERPs) and your website could be there too with me, for different words of course, in the future! All of our designs are unique and will reflect your personality, character and ideas as you would like them to be viewed, we do not use any standard designs or templates here, every website we do is personal and we pay attention to detail.

So just choose one of the internet packages available on here and soon you will see just how well your new website 'flew up' on the internet. The legless website designer


The Webcast Packages available:

1. A typical webcast package of what I consider is a basic website (up to five pages) would be charged at $400 (Four hundred US dollars only) this price is fully inclusive of design, hosting charges, updates and your personal subdomain name for one year.

2. More involved/complicated/business websites would be assessed and quoted for on a case by case basis.

3. A cheaper alternative to having your own subdomain name and website, is to put your required pages on an existing URL/website (one of mine below) and this does have some certain advantages over a new website besides just financial ones.

The search engines now give greater credibility to sites and pages on long existing, high ranking websites, this credibility increases with the age of the website as well as with it's popularity and this is reflected in the search engine results.

So for up to a maximum of 5 pages on my existing sites the fees per year are as follows:

http://www.reedinter.co.uk $200 (Two hundred US dollars only)

http://www.expostfacto.co.uk $150 (One hundred and fifty US dollars only)

http://www.leglessfool.co.uk $125 (One hundred and twenty five US dollars only)

http://www.ambassador.org.uk (Negotiable for suitable candidates only)

Again this price is fully inclusive of design, hosting charges and updates for one year and your pages/folder will be given suitable titles, descriptions and META tags for the search engines.

N.B. The material/data that is considered acceptable for any of these packages is solely at my discretion, but as a general rule: Adult/pornographic, drug related, slanderous, religious or political material are not acceptable.

All of my website services are carried out personally by myself, this is not an automated service this is a personal service, something that I feel is sadly lacking on the internet and in the world these days, real people!

Legless The legless website designer

To contact me about my webcast services please email: legless@reedinter.co.uk

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