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The first of the websites in my legless group was created about four years ago, I registered it as because at that time I had ideas of using it for some internet business and the name of the business that I had in mind was Reed International Thailand. I had been legless for three years then and I was still working on the final chapters of my first book. The business ideas that I had for the website concerned mainly tourist information for Thailand and computer accessories. It was only when I completed the final draft of 'Legless in Thailand' that I decided to use the website for the promotion of my book on the internet. When my book was finally published in January 2007, I put all of my efforts into SEO work for this website to try and get high rankings on the major search engines to help with sales for the book. At about the same time, the idea for my second book 'Ex Post Facto' came into my head and this time I decided to create a website well in advance, one that had a domain name that was compatible with the book, so I then registered and I started to do SEO work for this website too, working 16 hours per day on the internet.

It was only when I started to get fairly high rankings with the search engines for my first website that I realised that this can sometimes cause problems for you. When other website owners / webmasters saw that my site was doing well with the search engines, they copied my keywords and even started using the name of my book and my writing name on their websites to get high rankings with my keywords and pick up potential customers looking for me, without doing any real SEO work for themselves. This incensed me a lot and I was trying to guess what these people would try to do next, so I decided to register the domain name of to thwart any ideas that anyone may have in that direction and redirected it to

I was writing some true short stories at that time and I didn't want to mix my story writing work with my books really, but I didn't have the funds to start and run a new website just for these stories, so I placed some of my stories on a spare section of the Ex Post Facto website and I registered the domain name of and used this domain name to promote my stories, but it redirects to the story section of Ex Post Facto. After successfully doing this, I registered another domain name of, again I physically located this on my Ex Post Facto website and used the reedlinks domain name to redirect to this. I did the same with and redirected this towards a page to promote a new Thailand retirement village project that I had planned.

So even though I then had six URLs, I still only had two web servers in operation and I just used all of these URLs to give me more exposure on the internet / search engines and to link to each other. Now we come to this recent one, it is my idea to use this URL to concentrate all of my websites together under the preferred title of Legless websites group, because I am legless anyway, it is the name of my first book and also my nickname, so it all seemed to fit well together. Also, because they are now all available on the same new web server, it makes it a lot faster to switch between my URLs / websites. Recently, because I refer to my book as the 'autobiography of a fool', the search engines picked up on these words and I was surprised that I was coming up number one on all of the search engines for the keywords 'Legless Fool', so I have adopted this as my internet / web name now and my latest registration and domain name purchase is Initially to save money, I shall just redirect this new domain name to because this is the main website and the one that the search engines find for the search keywords of 'Legless Fool' anyway.

So that is the full story of how the Legless Empire Group of websites came into being.

Cheers for now! Ian Reed / John McMiken (The Solitaire Legless Fool) Solo with beer

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The latest addition July, 2008, this site:


Legless fool

'Legless in Thailand' - The autobiography of a fool

Reed in Asia - Asian Diaries - Some true short stories and trips in Asia


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