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Investment in Thailand

Legless in Vientiane, Laos


Asia1: The RAF and my f irst Venture into Asia

Asia2: The RAF and my f irst Venture into SE Asia

Asia3: RAF Tengah, Singapore at last!

Asia4: Singapore acclimatisation

Asia5: Singapore our new home now

Asia6: our new lifestyle in the tropics

Asia7: Settling in the tropics

Asia8: First day at work in Singapore

Asia9: A place we could call 'home'

Asia10: A place we could call 'home' II

Asia11: Getting into a routine

Asia12: Getting into a routine II

Asia13: Married life in the Orient

Asia14: TGIF - Weekend tomorrow!

Asia15: The weekend at home

Asia16: The chef comes home

Asia17: All good things must come to an end

Asia18: Another first for me in Asia - Thailand

Asia19: Landing in another world - Thailand / Siam

Asia20: A new lifestyle for me - Siamease

Asia21: This is not a holiday, this is work!

Asia22: Atrip to the seaside

Asia23: This is what I am paid for

Asia24: My first Pattaya nightime venture

Asia25: Back to Bangkok and the dome

Asia26: First day at the dome and a little more

Asia27: The power arrives but needs some help

Asia28: Bangkok - My first night out on the town

Asia29: A lazy day and down to my local at night

Asia30: My first day alone at the dome

Asia31: Leaving on a jet plane

Asia32: My new daily routine

Asia33: Another day at the Dome

Asia34: An accidental change to my routine

Asia35: Getting On with my life

Asia36: Getting to know you

Asia37: A day out and then into my new routine

Asia38: Someone to come home to now

Asia39: Everything's coming together nicely

Asia40: The next logical step

Asia41: Developing a new social life

Asia42: Ajahn Reed is in control now

Asia43: Ajahn Reed gets mobile

Asia44: Have to believe this is magic

Asia45: A day off with no plans

Asia46: An easy day at the dome

Asia47: A request for a change of scene

Asia48: A new weapon and tickets to ride

Asia49: Ajahn Reed has a big problem

Asia50: Leaving it all behind for a while

Asia51: Chiangmai - The first night

Asia52: Chiangmai - A romantic setting

Asia53: Chiangmai - The silver lining

Asia54: One problem solved and another starts

Asia55: Good news for a change

Asia56: The warrior returns triumphant

Asia57: Coming together nicely now!

Asia58: A feeling of contentment with a blip

Asia59: A slight misunderstanding for Tongcam

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