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The following morning the phone ringing woke me up, I had arranged with reception the evening before to give me a wake-up call at 07:00. So I got up, had a quick shave and shower, got dressed, grabbed my briefcase with all of my paperwork in it and then made my way down to the hotel coffee shop / dining room and ordered an English breakfast. I had just about finished my meal, still eating a little marmalade on toast, when Dumrong arrived. He sat down at the table and I offered him a coffee or tea, he asked for a coffee and I ordered it for him. He said that he was a little early and went on to tell me just to take my time as we had no rush anyway. We chatted a little bit just getting to know each other a little, he asked me where I came from in the UK, how long I had been working with GQ, just general stuff really! I finished my tea and we left the hotel at about 08:15.

Dumrong had a very old Mercedes Benz car, but he seemed quite proud of it, we got in the car and he started driving to the RTAF base. It wasn't very far really because we took a shortcut across the airfield at one end of the runway, which he could do because he had an RTAF sticker / pass on his car windscreen. Once across the airfield we came to another main road, turned left, drove for about half a kilometre and then I could see the dome on the right hand side of the road behind a fenced off area, we drove a little further and then turned right onto the RTAF base itself, we stopped at the guardroom, got out of the car and went through the procedures of getting me a pass made for the base. When my base pass was ready, we got back in the car and then drove to the dome. There were about six containers at the side of the dome, but only one was locked, so I got out the keys that Dennis had given to me, opened the container and started checking all of the equipment in there against the list that I had, everything being packed in wooden boxes, I had to open them to physically check that everything was okay, Dumrong helped me to open some of the boxes, but even so, it still took quite a long time to complete the check. After doing my inventory check, which was fine, I went inside the dome to have a look at the screen surface, the others must have only just started putting the screen on, because they were only down to ring two from the top and there was scaffolding everywhere inside the dome, I then went back outside, locked the dome and told Dumrong that I was finished.

When we got back in the car, Dumrong asked me if I was hungry, it was just after luchtime then and I was feeling a little peckish and told him so, he then drove us to a small cafe / restaurant not very far away from the base, we went inside sat at a table and the first thing he did was order a beer for me and himself. more Thai beer He then asked me if I liked Thai food, so I replied that I did, because I used to go to a Thai restaurant in Guildford sometimes, he then went on to ask me what I would like to order, I couldn't read the menu because it was all in Thai, so I just said that I would eat whatever he ordered, anything really! Dumrong ordered us a large bowl of Tom Yam soup, some chicken curry and a bowl of rice each. The food was very good in there and I ate it all easily, Dumrong told me that the name of this place was the 'Cafe On' and said that this was the place that everyone working on the dome usually ate at. After finishing the food and beer, I paid the bill, we got back in the car and he took me back to the hotel, again crossing the airfield.

At the hotel, we went into the lounge and Dennis, Adrian and Eddie were already sitting there having an afternoon beer, so we joined them. We all sat there drinking beer and chatting, I was talking to Dumrong about going to Pattaya the next day and he said that he would pick me up at the hotel at about 14:00, then he finished his beer said goodbye and left. As soon as he had gone, the other guys started talking about him and Adrian told me to 'be very careful with him', he said that he never pays for anything and always expects us to pay for everything. I then said to him that we had only had a meal and a beer each and that I was on company expences anyway, so no problem really, but he went on to repeat the warning and told me to watch him carefully when I was in Pattaya. Adrian then asked me if I wanted to go with them that evening because they were going into the city, I said that I wasn't really interested yet and that I just wanted to relax in the hotel that evening, but I did ask how they went there and how far away it was, they replied that it was about twenty kilometres to the city, but that the Airport hotel had a free mini-bus into the city every evening at 18:00 that stopped at the Montien hotel and that they had the same free mini-bus back to the Airport hotel from the Montien hotel every night at 01:00, so you could have a good night out and not worry about trying to get a taxi back afterwards. They went on to say that the Montien hotel was very near to Patpong where all of the bars were, so it was very easy for them with the free hotel transport.

It sounded good that the hotel put on this free transport, but at that time I really just wanted to relax with a few beers in the hotel, listen to the music, have a meal in the restaurant later and then go to bed earlier that evening. The other three guys left on the free transport at 18:00 and I just continued sitting in the hotel lounge, listening to the Philippino band and drinking beer, I went for a meal in the restaurant later and then a slight change of plan, I went to the disco afterwards and had a few beers in there. I did go to bed a little bit earlier than the night before, but not much earlier, I liked the music in the disco and the beer. Legless again tonight More beer, more beer


"Cheers for now!"


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