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I was awoken the next morning by someone banging on the door, I looked at my watch and it was 07:00, when I opened the door Dumrong was there and he said that we only had 30 minutes before we were being picked up, so I said that I would see him in reception in 15 minutes time and closed the door. I had a quick shower and shave and then went downstairs to reception. I ordered a cup of tea in the lounge and I was drinking it when Dumrong came and sat down, he then ordered a coffee and we just sat there sipping tea and coffee waiting for the lift. I wasn't quite sure why I had to go to Sattahib that morning, my work was finished now, but I didn't question his reasoning, I just thought that maybe he thought it would be easier to go and pick the car up together, but we would still have to come back to the hotel to pick the bags up anyway. Dumrong's navy friend arrived about twenty minutes later and we left for Sattahib, at the base we went back to the range and Dumrong asked me to wait there whilst he went to check on his car. One of the navy guys at the range made me a cup of tea, which I was grateful for, Dunrong came back about one hour later and told me that his car may take two more days to fix, I thought "oh no! I really need to get started on the dome and not just wasting time here".

Dumrong then told me that we would have to stay at the base until 17:00, because we could only get a lift back to the hotel when his friend finished work for the day. We ate at the base at lunchtime at the officer's mess there, that was quite good because the mess was next to the sea and I sat outside there near the beach after the meal . The rest of the day seemed to drag though, I had nothing to do and there was nothing really for me to see on the base. On the way back to the hotel that evening we stopped at the same place on Jomtien for a beer. Whilst we were sitting there, Dumrong told me that he had arranged to meet some more people for dinner that evening, some of his family he said. That was when I started to put the plan that I had thought about the night before into action, driving back in the car I started complaining of bad stomach ache, Dumrong asked me if I needed a toilet and I said that I should be alright until I get to my room. At the hotel, I rushed quickly to my room holding my stomach, I closed the door, got a beer, sat on the bed and put some music on Legless acting

About one hour later, Dumrong was knocking on my door, I shouted to him to wait a minute, I ruffled the bed, took my shirt off, put my beer in the fridge and then went to the door. Dumrong told me that his family had arrived and everyone was ready to go for dinner, with a painful expression on my face, I told him that I was still feeling very bad, I couldn't eat and I just wanted to lie down in bed. He accepted that, said that he hoped that I would be better soon and then left. I then got my beer out of the fridge and sat at the coffee table near the window and I could see him leaving with four other people and I just thought to myself "I wonder who is going to pay tonight?" Not me thats for sure

I then had a shower and a change of clothes, went downstairs and left the hotel, I walked up the lane at the side of the hotel and then stood on the road at the top. In a short while a songtau came along I flagged him down and asked him if he was going to beach road, he said that he was and I got in. My idea then was that I was going to find those outside wooden bars that I saw the night before and just have a quiet evening there. When the songtau dropped me off, I paid him twenty baht and then started walking and looking for those bars, every go-go bar that I walked past, I was accosted by scantily dressed females who tried to coax me to go in their bar and after about 200 yards of this, I was getting quite bored with it. I then spotted the outside bars and made a beeline for the nearest one, I sat down on a stool and ordered a beer. Then one of the girls working behind the bar came around sat on the stool next to me, started rubbing my leg and saying "I go with you to your room, I make you very happy!" I then thought "What is it with this place and the people here? I just want to sit down quietly and have a few beers" After fending off a few more girls and even the one who was serving me, I paid her for my beer and moved to another bar.

The next bar seemed better, the girl that served me gave me some peanuts with my beer and they had a TV on at that bar showing a recent popular film. Nobody bothered me at all there and I started to relax at last! The girl behind the bar asked me a few questions, but just normal questions like, what I was doing in Thailand and if it was my first time there, so I just told her about my work in Bangkok. I sat at that bar for a long time that night, watching the films on TV and sometimes looking out to sea and watching the squid boats bobbing about again. Eventually, the bar started to close and I asked the girl if there was somewhere else that I could get a beer and maybe some food, she said that she knew a place quite far away from the beach area that was still open and that they had food, she said that she would take me there because she was going there too. So we walked for about fifteen minutes, as we were walking I was looking around at all of the bars and the people there, the place seemed very busy and noisy, it was not what I liked at all. Eventually we got to the place that she had told me about and it seemed quite nice, there were a lot of tables there, it was open-air, there were no walls, just aluminium tubular framework holding a canvas roof over everything. There were a lot of tables there and they had music playing, now this was more like my kind of place.

We sat down at one of the tables and a waiter came over, I ordered a beer and I asked the girl if she could order me a chicken fried rice, this she did and ordered some food for herself too. The food arrived quite quickly, which was fine with me, I was very hungry. After the meal we just sat there, me drinking beer and the girl drinking coke and talking a little bit, I was asking her things about Pattaya and she would ask me a little about the UK, just normal conversation really. I started feeling a little tired after the food and I asked the girl if I could get a songtau from there to my hotel, she then asked me what hotel I was staying at, so I told her the Asia hotel and she said that she would get a songtau for me. I paid the bill which was relatively inexpensive, even the beer was cheaper there, then we left, the girl stopped a songtau, talked with the driver and then asked me to get in, I started to thank her for her help amd then she told me that she was going in the songtau too. When we reached the road near the hotel, I stopped the songtau and paid the driver, the girl got out there too, so I paid for her aswell. When the songtau had gone, I asked the girl if she lived near there and she said no, so I then asked her where she was going and she just said "I am going to stay with you tonight"

Her reply completely threw me, I thought that she was just a normal friendly person, I never thought that she was?? I said that she could stay in my room that night if she wanted to, there were two beds anyway. We went to my room, I got a beer from the fridge for a nightcap and lay on the bed, the girl lay next to me and I put some music on the room radio, I was very tired and I must have just slipped into one of my usual beer induced comas very quickly. The next thing that I knew, was that my clothes were being taken off me and I was being pulled towards the bathroom, I was still groggy and it was all like a dream to me. The shower was then switched on and I was pushed into it and being washed down, the girl then towelled me dry and led me back to the bed. I lay down on the bed and then the next thing that I knew it was morning and I woke up with this girl still asleep and her arms around me. I am still sure to this day that nothing happened, I think that I just fell into a coma again as soon as I lay down, but who knows? I had no work that day and I had told Dumrong that I was not going to Sattahib again, so I thought that I just had a free day that day until Dumrong's car was repaired ready to go back to Bangkok the next day.

I took a shower and got dressed and then the girl woke up, she smiled at me, got up wrapped a towel around her and went for a shower, whilst she was in the shower I asked her if she wanted a drink and she said that she would like a coffee, so I made a coffee for her and a cup of tea for me. She finished her shower came out with a towel wrapped around her and sat at the coffee table with me to drink her coffee, I didn't know what to say to her, I was at a total loss for words, I had never slept with anyone but my wife before and this was all new to me, I just couldn't think of anything to say, so I just sat drinking my tea, smoking a cigarette and smiling at her occasionally. Then there was a loud knock on the door, so I went to the door but I only opened it a fraction, because the coffee table where the girl was sitting was directly opposite the door, I looked out and Dumrong was there and he said "get packed we are leaving in one hour" so I said "leaving to go where?", he replied that we were going back to Bangkok, because his car was now ready and was downstairs in the carpark, I still only had the door open a fraction and Dumrong then got hold of the door and pushed hard against me, the door opened and he saw the girl sitting by the window with just a towel wrapped around her, he just smiled at me knowingly and then left.

I closed the door, went back to my seat near the girl and then I apologised for Dumrong seeing her there. I told her that I had to leave to go back to Bangkok in one hour and she got up from her chair and started to get dressed, my mind was still in a turmoil, "what do I do now?" I decided to give her some money, I justified it by thinking that by going to Pattaya instead of going out for a meal with Dumrong and his 'family' that I had saved about three thousand baht with my experience from the last time we dined together, so I took out my wallet and I gave the girl one thousand baht, I had never done this before, so I was only guessing, she seemed very happy with it, she took the money and then kissed me for a very long time. She left a few minutes later and wished me good luck in Bangkok and I actually felt a little sorry to see her go, I had really enjoyed her company. All that I now had to look forward to was two hours in a car with Dumrong and that, I was not looking forward to at all.

"Sawasdee Pattaya!"


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