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On the Sunday morning, I relaxed in bed for a long time, I made a cup of tea, switched the radio on and just lay on the bed for a long time listening to the music, drinking tea and smoking. I was thinking about the night before in Bangkok and I was feeling quite happy that I had now found somewhere outside of the hotel, where I can relax when I am not working and have a few beers, a game of darts, eat, listen to music and watch videos, just like a home away from home!

I went downstairs for breakfast about lunchtime and sat in the dining room for a long time, just getting my tea topped up occasionally. Whilst I was sitting there I decided to check my wallet, I knew that my expences money must have been getting a bit low by then and I was right, I definitely needed more money now, everything in the hotel was taken care of by GQ, but now that I am going out more I need more cash available. So I got a piece of paper from the waitress in the coffee shop and I wrote a telex to GQ asking for more expence money, I then left the coffee shop, gave the telex to reception to send for me and then went to the lounge and had a beer. A little while later the other guys appeared in the lounge and came and sat with me, they told me that their return flight to UK was now confirmed and that they would be leaving at about midnight on the Tuesday night. We sat around all afternoon in the lounge that day just drinking and chatting about the dome and Thailand.

When it was getting towards early evening, I asked the others if they were going into Bangkok that night and they all said no, they said that they wanted to save their money for when they get home. So that evening I took the minibus into Bangkok alone, I got out at the Montien and went straight to the Tavvern, there were a few more people in there that night, but my stool at the end of the bar was empty, so I plonked myself down on it. Straight away a beer appeared in front of me, I hadn't even ordered yet, but On, the bartender / cashier, had remembered me and put it there for me. Tony came over to talk then and he asked me where the other guys where, so I told him that they had stayed in the hotel and they were trying to save money for going home. Then 'Phet' the girl that I had played darts with the night before, came over to me and asked me if I wanted a game of darts, so I went and played darts with her for quite a long time, I enjoy darts, I even had my own dartboard in the house at home. A couple of the customers asked me for a game too, so I spent most of the night playing darts that night and drinking beer of course.

When I was tired from playing darts, I sat down at my usual seat now and Tony put some videos on, so I spent the rest of the night watching videos. As per the night before, I never had to order a beer, when I finished one bottle, there was already another one waiting on the bar for me, On took care of me quite well, so when I eventually had to leave to go and get the minibus back to the hotel, I settled up my bill and gave On a good tip that night. Back at the hotel, I went to the disco for a nightcap and all the other guys were in there, they asked me about my night out and I told them that I just stayed in the Tavvern all night, they couldn't understand why I didn't want to go around the other bars, but people are different, I like what I like. They stayed long in the disco that night, which was good for them because GQ paid for it, but I had to leave them because I had to go to work the next morning, they didn't. So I went up to my room, I got a beer from the fridge, I turned the music on low and lay on the bed, my nightly routine now. Legless, but not literally legless


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