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The next day was very much like the day before at the dome, I was still calibrating the dome system and trying to make it perfect (impossible!). At lunchtime I walked down the road to Cafe On and I gave myself an extended lunch that day and had a few beers with the meal. The owner was getting quite used to seeing me now and tried to keep the table near the window for me that she knew that I liked. After lunch I took a slow walk back to the dome, started the system again and continued tweaking the calibration, then I thought to myself "I need at least one of the weapons in here now to continue productively", I need to install and calibrate the 'on target' sensors and the 'hits counters' now, so I would have to try to get in touch with Chileoy the next day to arrange it. For the rest of the afternoon I just continued with the main console calibration until the transport arrived.

Back at the hotel, I went straight to my room, I had a quick shower and then went downstairs for the transport to Bangkok. In the Tavvern later, my usual seat was free at the bar and when I sat on it there was already a beer in front of me put there by On who just smiled as I picked it up. Tony was with a group of people at the other end of the bar, but he smiled and lifted his glass up to me and I reciprocated, Phet then asked me for a game of darts, so I played a few games with her. She was quite a good darts player really, but she could never beat me and this made her want to keep trying hard with me, so I thought to myself "You really must let her win sometimes, but don't make it obvious that you are throwing the game!" So Phet won the next game and she was very pleased, she started jumping up and down and she shouted and screamed to everyone in the bar that she had won, so I put on a hurt face and said "That is enough darts for me tonight!" and I went to sit down on my seat at the bar trying to hide a smirk.

At the bar I started talking to On, because she was just sitting there at the cash box in front of me, there were some other people serving tonight, so she had nothing to do very much. I asked her about her life and what part of Thailand she was from and she ended up telling me her whole story. I found it quite interesting, she had been married before to a senior Thai immigration official, she had one child with him named 'Som' who lived with her family in Ubon Ratchatani, her husband had left her, divorced her and married another girl. We chatted all night that night and I found her quite interesting, she also had lovely big flashing eyes that I kept staring at and the time just seemed to go quickly that night. Phet kept asking me to play darts again, but I just looked upset and I declined each time (sore loser!). Wait until tomorrow night In what seemed like no time at all, I had to then pay my bill and leave quickly to get my minibus back to the hotel, I gave On a large tip that night and she seemed quite pleased with it, then I had to rush to get my transport. Back at the Airport hotel, I went into the disco and I had a couple of beers and I sat there thinking about what I had to do the next day at the dome, I also remembered that I had not phoned Myra for a long time, so I finished my beer quickly, signed the bill and went to my room. In the room, I got myself a beer from the fridge and then I sat on the bed, picked up the telephone and phoned home, Myra sounded quite pleased to hear from me and she asked me how my work was going, I told her that it was going okay, we then talked about the children and general domestic matters until I said to her that I had to go to sleep now to get up for work the next day and told her the local time, she then said that she understood, said goodbye and hung up, I put the phone down, turned the music on and lay back on the bed and that was the last thing that I remember that night.

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