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If I was going to sleep well in the Tavvern that night, then I would have to have a few more beers, so I said to On that I would like another beer and she brought one for me. The juke box was still switched on, so I chose a few songs and set them playing, I asked On if she could switch the dartboard light on, which she did for me and I practiced my darts, this was something that I used to do at home each night because I played for a pub darts team. It was quite pleasant in the Tavvern with the music playing sipping at my beer and playing darts by myself, with On in the background. On would come over occasionally to watch me throwing darts and I asked her if she played but she said no and that she had never tried and wasn't really interested, so I just continued practicing my 'doubles'.

I sat down in one of the cubicles when my arm got a little tired and I asked On for another beer, she brought one for me and a coffee for herself and she came to sit with me. We chatted together about our lives and she seemed like a very pleasant person who had had a little bad luck in her life. I had a couple more beers and then I started getting tired, one of the reasons that I drink each evening is that beer helps me to sleep easier and the more beer I drink, I don't get drunk, but I do start getting very tired and that is the point I was at now. I told On that I was going to sleep and then I lay down on one of the long seats in one of the cubicles and immediately fell into one of my 'beer-induced comas'.I like this girl

I woke up a little later to find that On was lying down next to me with her arm around me, it was a relatively small seat that we were lying on and we couldn't move, but it was quite pleasant and I fell asleep again. I woke up again a little later, but this time I had a reason to wake up, On had unzipped my trousers, had her hands inside and my body was reacting to it, when she saw I was awake, she smiled at me, kissed me and fondled me more. The next thirty minutes I shall leave to your imagination!Ian and On together I shall just say that it was a unique experience making love to someone in a pub bar room. This was a first for me in another way too, my wife Myra, was the only person that I had ever had sex with and I had never thought about cheating on her with anyone before. Perhaps it was because I had been living alone for a long time now, because I lived and worked in Godalming, Surrey and my wife lived in our house in St Helens, Merseyside about 240 miles away and I went home only very occasionally if I had a long weekend or on public holidays.

Then again, perhaps it was because of the influence of Thailand and it's strange culture upon me. Whatever the reason, I just know that I enjoyed it, I liked On and I was feeling 'On top of the world'. Lying there with On in my arms, I could hear the sounds of Patpong coming alive outside and my mouth was feeling a little dry, so I asked On if we could make a cup of tea and she led me through to a small room where they had a hot water pot and we both made a drink. We were both just wandering around the bar naked and completely at ease with each other, back in the bar room we sat down with our drinks and On switched the TV on to watch the news, she then asked me what time it was and I looked at my watch and told her 07:30, she smiled at me and said that we had better get ready for company, because the cleaners come in there at 08:00, she came around the table then and kissed me, picked her clothes up of the seat and floor and then padded out of the bar, I went to the toilet through the back of the bar and just washed myself in the sink there, dried myself with the small hand towel that they had in there and then got dressed. As I came out of the toilet, On was coming down the stairs fully dressed and looking lovely, here hair was down and she had the longest hair that I have ever seen, her hair was hanging down to midway between her thighs and her knees, I grabbed her then, pulled her to me and kissed her passionately, I was feeling really good and at ease with her now. Ian and On together

We went back into the bar and continued drinking our tea and coffee, On watched the TV again, then the door opened and the cleaners came in, they said something in Thai to On, so she went over to them and they all talked together in Thai, occasionally they would all glance over at me and smile, so I just smiled back.Good morning! When On came back to me, she asked me if I would like some breakfast and I did want some breakfast, I was very hungry, I asked her if I could get an English breakfast near there, she said that she would get one for me and bring it to the bar, then she held her hand out, so I put a thousand baht note in her hand and she kissed me and left the bar. The cleaners were milling around and talking to each other whilst they were working, they would occasionally look at me and start giggling together "I wonder what On said to them?" On came back about twenty minutes later with plastic bags in her hands, she gave one to me, gave one to the cleaners and then came to sit with me and put her own plastic bag on the table, she asked me if I wanted another cup of tea, which I did, so she took the cups and went to the other room. I opened my plastic bag and inside was a polystyrene food box, I opened it and inside was bacon, some scrambled egg, a few baked beans, some fried tomato and a sausage, in the bag was a plastic fork and spoon which were going to be useless for this job, so I got my pocket knife out from my jeans and cut all the food up, "Now I can use the plastic fork!" On came back then with the tea and we both started into our breakfasts, On had fried rice and various other things that I could not recognise, but she poured some sauces and juices from other small plastic bags over it, started eating and seemed to be enjoying it, my food was fairly bland but I was hungry, so I ate it quickly.

Sitting there with a cup of tea and a cigarette after breakfast, for the first time that morning, I thought about getting back to the Airport hotel, so I asked On about this and she told me that I could get a taxi back to the hotel for about 100 Baht and went on to say that she would take me there later. On to the next move

'And so it goes On!'


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