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I woke up early the next morning even though I had no work to go to, the soft body next to me felt good in my arms, I then leaned over and kissed her cheek and she stirred slightly, I didn't want to wake On up if she still needed some sleep, so I gently slid out of the bed on my side, went to the refridgerator and on the shelf above it I switched the kettle on. I then went to the bathroom and had a quick shower and shave, came out, made myself a cup of tea, then sat by the window sipping my tea and smoking. I was looking at On sleeping and trying to justify to myself what I was doing with her, I was very happy with her and I wanted to keep her there with me, but what do I do with her at the end of this project?

On started stirring after a while and I went over to her, she opened her eyes, looked at me and smiled and I kissed her. Things just progressed again from there More sex, afterwards we just lay back on the bed holding each other. I asked On if she wanted a coffee and she nodded her head, so I made her one, topped my tea up and we both sat at the coffee table near the window. On switched the TV on and selected a Thai channel to watch then sat back down at the window, we were both sitting there naked and it just felt comfortable. Watching the TV, the only problem with staying in one of the front rooms at the Airport hotel is that, as the approach radar at the airport sweeps around, once every couple of seconds there was a low volume 'blip' on the TV sound, it wasn't really a problem, but it was something that I would never forget about that room and about that time in my life. Then I asked On if we could go into Bangkok that day, I told her that I had only ever seen Bangkok at night and then I only saw 'Patpong' and the bars there. So she said that she would take me to see the Grand Palace (Wat Prakau) later and we would go there on a boat down the Chaophraya river, that sounded good to me. I am a tourist now

After we had both showered and got dressed we went down to the coffee shop/dining room for breakfast, I had my usual English breakfast and On had what looked like rice soup. Over breakfast that morning, I asked On if she would like to stay in the hotel with me and she quickly agreed, she said that she would have to get some of her clothes and things sent over, but it wasn't a problem, she would phone her sister at work the next day and she would bring them for her. After breakfast we got a taxi in front of the hotel and On gave him directions, as we drove down Silom road On pointed out Patpong to me and I was just looking at everything then, I had never seen Bangkok in daylight before. We arrived near the river and I paid the taxi, then On led me to the boat pier there and we soon boarded a large boat, which people just jumped on and off like a bus. We stayed outside at the back of the boat and On pointed out various places to me, the main one that I remember was

River Chaophraya

Wat Arun (the temple of dawn) on the other side of the river, it was quite a sight and very memorable. Eventually On told me that we had to get off at the next stop and this we did. Walking away from the river we went through an area that had many food stalls and On said that she was a little hungry again and we sat down at one of these stalls, I told her that I was a little hungry too and I let her order for both of us. She told me that Wat Prakau was not very far from there and we just had a few minutes walk to go there. So after we finished our food, which I found very tasty, enjoyable and very inexpensive, we walked about a further three hundred metres to the entrance to the Grand Palace.

The tour around Wat Prakau I found very interesting, the architecture there was very Thai style and the statues around the grounds were quite unique. I saw the Emerald Buddha and many other things there, we spent about two to three hours there in total and it was well worth the visit to me. One thing that I found strange that day, was that when I tried to hold On's hand as we were walking around, she kept pulling it away from me, so after we left Wat Prakau and sat at a street cafe for a drink, I asked her about this. She told me that in Thai culture only husband and wife or people that lived together could hold hands, but even though now we did live together, she said that Thai people automatically assumed that any Thai girl holding a foreign man's hand was a prostitute and she didn't want people to think that of her. I accepted her explanation about this and never tried to hold her hand again, but she told me that it was okay to hold hands crossing the road, but only then.

We walked back to the river later and got on the boat again back to Silom road and I was quite enjoying riding on these boats now looking at the sights, especially with this lovely girl beside me Starting to fall

Temple of dawn at dusk

We got off the boat at Silom road and then On called a tuk-tuk to take us to Patpong, I hadn't been on one of these things before, a kind of trishaw with a motorbike engine, I sat in the seat next to On at the back and the good thing that I found about travelling on one of these tuk-tuks was that I could have a cigarette on them. We got off the tuk-tuk at Patpong 1 and walked through to Patpong 2 and the tavvern. On started working behind the bar as the cashier and I sat at my usual seat at the bar opposite her, Tony came over to me and asked me what I had been doing, so I told him about our day out and I also told him that On was moving in with me at the hotel, he grinned and winked at me at this information, then he bought me a beer. I had just a quiet evening in the tavvern that night, I watched some videos, ordered some tacos to eat later and had my usual gallon of beer mre beer for legless. On and I got the minibus back to the hotel later and went into the disco there, we danced a lot that night, but I had to go to bed at a reasonable time because it was back to the dome the next day.

Back to work

'And so it goes On!'


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