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I woke up the next morning still fully clothed on top of the bed, I checked my watch and found that my body clock had woken me at the right time again, no rush, just get ready slowly and go to work. I remembered then that Noyna was sleeping on the floor there so I got off the bed carefully but I didn't see her, so I went around the bed to the other side and she wasn't there either, On was still asleep, so I just got undressed, switched the kettle on and went into the bathroom to get ready for work. I finished in the bathroom, I got dressed in clean clothes and then made myself a cup of tea and sat by the window. By the time that I had finished my tea and had a couple of cigarettes, On was still asleep, so I just went to the bed kissed her lightly on the cheek and I was going to go and get some breakfast before I left for work. Just as I was leaving, On woke up and asked me where I was going, so I told her that I was going for some breakfast and then going to work and she said that she would see me in the coffee shop soon, then I left.

On arrived in the coffee shop about ten minutes after me, she arrived at the same time as my breakfast did and she ordered herself some breakfast from the girl that had brought mine. I asked On about her sister then and she told me that Noyna had left very early in the morning because she had to go to work and it was quite far from here, I then asked her if her sister had slept okay and she said that Noyna had slept fine and told me not to worry. After I had finished my breakfast it was almost time for my transport to arrive, so I was just leaving the table when On asked me if she could have some money to go out and do a little shopping, I asked her how much she needed and she said about 3,000 baht, so I gave her 4,000, kissed her goodbye and left for the dome. At the dome that day, I had my usual calibration to check and this time I ran all of the target profiles one after the other and used the Bofors to engage them, I did quite well and got an 80% hit rate, but it should have been better, so I re-aligned the sensor to the gunsight again and ran them through again. When I was halfway through one of the engagements, I realised that someone was standing nearby, I hadn't seen the light from outside when the door had opened, I must have been too involved in tracking the target to notice, after that engagement I got down from the gun and Chiloey was standing there smiling at me and he said "Very good, we should have you on our team!" and laughed, I laughed with him and shook his hand, he then said to me "Come on, let's go for lunch" and he led me outside to his car. We went to Cafe On then and had lunch with a couple of beers, after we had eaten, he started talking to me about what he would like me to do next, he said that he wanted some of his people in the dome with me each day from now on and he wanted me to teach them how to run the system, this was no problem for me, I would quite enjoy having some people around now and letting them run through the engagements, I could then make minor adjustments whilst they were running the system, that would help me.

After lunch we went back to the dome and Chiloey asked me to run a target profile for him, whilst he operated the gun. We ran through about five profiles in all, he was enjoying himself and didn't want to stop Arcade game on a large scale. Eventually he got down from the gun, I showed him his hit counts and the video and he was very pleased with them. He told me that he had to leave then and that the people that he delegated would meet me at the dome the following morning, then he left. I had quite a slow afternoon for the rest of that afternoon, I just ran some profiles, operated the gun and checked the results and video, any minor calibrations needed I would leave now until I had the RTAF people operating the system. I got the transport back to the hotel as soon as it arrived that evening and at the hotel I went straight to the room. The door to the room was unlocked and I couldn't see On in the room, but I knew what to expect today, so I just walked as normal into the room and as On jumped out at me, I caught her lifted her up above my shoulders, threw her on the bed, pinned her down there and then kissed her, we both laughed then, she was not going to catch me with her 'Kato' act again. I then had a quick shower and got ready to get the minibus into town, On had to go to work that night.

Later that night at the Tavvern, On worked as the cashier and I just played darts with Phet, chatted with Tony, watched some videos, ate some tacos and had my usual Gallon of beer, just a fairly quiet night really. Back at the hotel later, we went into the disco and danced for about an hour, then we went up to our room and went to bed like any other normal couple Consenting adults.


'And so it goes On!'


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