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When I got to the dome the next morning, there were three RTAF guys waiting for me, these were the people that I had to train on the dome system. They could speak some English, but could only really understand if I spoke very slowly and used simple words. I started by naming each part of the system and getting them to repeat the name in English. Next I let them follow me through loading a profile film and the corresponding cam for the mirrors and how to start the profile running, I ran through the operation of the CCTV and the hits counters and ran through about five profiles with a different person operating the gun each time.

I then needed a break, so I let them run some profiles and operate the system themselves whilst I went outside for a cigarette. Whilst I was outside, Dumrong arrived in his car and asked me how everything was going, so I told him that we had one weapon in the dome now and that the RTAF were operating the dome themselves today. Dumrong and I then went into the dome and watched the guys running it and it all seemed to be going okay. It was lunchtime then and I asked Dumrong to tell the guys to go to lunch now, but to watch me shut the system and dome down first. They followed me through the shutdown procedures and then they went to lunch. Dumrong then gave me a lift to Cafe On and we went in there for lunch. I could order many things by myself in there now, so I ordered some chicken curry for me and I let Dumrong order what he wanted and we both had a beer with the meal.

After the meal, Dumrong told me that his boss would like to meet me and he asked me if I could go with him to his office sometime, I thought about it and then I told him that maybe Thursday or Friday afternoon would be okay, because I should have finished teaching the RTAF operators by then, so he said that he would talk to his boss and get back to me again. After lunch Dumrong took me back to the dome, the RTAF guys were already there and I let them in and told them just to follow me through switch on procedures and then continue practicing running the profiles. Dumrong told me that he was leaving then and said that he would see me again at the dome later in the week. The RTAF operators continued running the system in turns all afternoon and I took this opportunity to continue making minute adjustments to the calibration whilst they were practicing operations.

At 17:30, I let the RTAF guys shut the dome down, I said that I would see them the next day and then I locked the dome and got in my transport. At the hotel, I went straight up to the room, went in the room and foiled On in her attempt to 'attack me' again Consenting adults, then we both got ready and caught the transport into Bangkok. Sitting in the Tavvern that night, I thought to myself that this is crazy now, I like the Tavvern as my local, but we don't have to go there every night, it would be cheaper and easier for me to just pay On's fine for the night off and spend most nights in the hotel where everything is billed directly to the company Good idea!. So on the way back to the hotel that night, I put this idea to On and she completely agreed with me about this, so I said that we would start this the next day. We went to the disco back at the hotel we danced for a while and I had my usual nightcap in there More beer for a good night's sleepand then we retired to 'our room' for the night.


'And so it goes On!'


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