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The RTAF student dome operators were waiting for me when I arrived at the dome the next morning and I just unlocked the dome door and let them power up and run the system. I told them just to run the system like they were doing an anti-aircraft weapon training exercise, I left the choice of profiles to run up to them and I just stayed in the background and watched, occasionally tweaking the cable adjustments on the mirror console. They seemed to be picking up the dome routine very well and the only minor mistakes that they made that morning was forgetting to start the CCTV one time and they fitted the wrong profile cam once too. I was feeling quite pleased with them, so I invited them all to lunch at Cafe On that day, I even let them choose the food for me and I am sure they did it on purpose, they chose a very spicy hot dish for me and then they were all watching me eat. I just ate the food like it was normal and although I could taste the extra heat in the food, I quite enjoyed it. Their opinion of me seemed to change after that little test and I became more acceptable to them, the change in their attitude was very obvious to me, I had suddenly become 'one of them'. Everyone enjoyed their meal that lunchtime, but I was the only one drinking beer, they had all refused a beer and just had a Pepsi or a 7-up with their meal.

After lunch back at the dome, I ran demonstration anti-aircraft defence training periods, using each one of them in turn as the gun operator, whilst the other two followed me through the training session. I had gone through everything in the dome operationally with them now, the next day I planned to show them calibration and adjustment procedures, so for the last hour that day I just let them practice whatever they wanted and I just went to sit outside to have a few cigarettes, they would have to take care of the dome themselves in a few months anyway, so they should get the feel of it now.

Anti-aircraft defence Dome trainer

When my transport arrived that evening, I told the guys to shutdown the system and I removed one of the dome keys from my keyring and gave it to one of them, they should start locking up and opening up the dome themselves now, to give them a sense of responsibility.

At the hotel that evening I didn't go up to my room as normal, I sat in the lounge and ordered a beer, then I went to the internal phone and phoned the room, eventually, On answered the phone and I told her that I was downstairs in the lounge and she said that she would join me soon. On arrived about ten minutes later and I asked her if she wanted a drink, she said that she would have a drink that night and she asked me for a whisky and soda, I was quite surprised, I had never seen her drink any alcohol before, but then again, she had always been working before. When On's drink arrived we clinked glasses and wished each other good luck Heres to our new life Heres to our new life.

The Philippine band arrived later and began setting up for the evening, the lead singer waved over to us and I held my glass up to him. When they started playing that evening the lead singer said to the audience "This first song tonight I know is a favourite of my friend over there and his Lady Longhair - 'Hello' " and they started playing the Lionel Ritchie song for us. On's hair had obviously caught the attention of the lead singer, because that was twice now that he had referred to her as 'Lady Longhair', she did have exceptionally long hair as I said before, it fell down to between her waist and her knees and she obvously liked people to notice it, she smiled broadly at the singer's naming of her. We sat there listening to the music for a long time and then I took On into the restaurant there for a good meal, I had the lobster thermadore there again which I really enjoyed the last time and I ordered a bottle of German white wine. On ordered many things after chatting to the waitress in Thai for a while, I tried some of the food that she had ordered and I gave her some of the lobster, we had a very good meal that night and On even drank some of the wine and enjoyed it. Basically, I much prefer good wine to beer, but it is just impractical for me to drink wine all of the time, so I get by with beer usually. Heres to our new life Heres to our new life.

After the meal, we went back into the lounge, found a free table, sat down and started listening to the music again, the lead singer waved to us and we smiled back to him. On continued drinking whisky that night and I switched to Gin and tonic for a while too, I was beginning to really enjoy this lifestyle, good food, good music, drinks, a lovely lady with me, no rushing around anywhere and all being financially taken care of by the company Good expences for me. I requested a few songs by the band that evening and they played them for me. I asked On that night if she knew where I could hire a car at a reasonable price, I was starting to think about the coming weekend now and I like driving and would like to see some more of Thailand, On said that she would look around for me the next day. When the band had finished for the evening, we adjourned to the disco and danced for a while, occasionally they would play a slow song to let people dance close and they always seemed to play the same slow song in there at that time, 'Sailing' by Rod Stewart, we always got up to dance to this and it was nice holding On close to me on the dance floor and moving around to this song.

We eventually went up to the room and continued the evening in there and rounded a very good night off very well making love .

'And so it goes On!'


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