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On got up at the same time as me the next morning, she said that she would go into Bangkok and check out the hire cars for me. We had breakfast together and then she started talking to Dim in the coffee shop, I had to leave then, so I just said goodbye to them both and I went to my transport. When I arrived at the dome that morning, the RTAF guys were already in there running target profiles, this was good for me, it meant that they had really got the hang of the system now. After the next profile, I asked them to stop and then I started to explain to them and show them about the mirror column, the cable controls, springs and adjustments. We ran a couple of profiles and I deliberately offset the adjustments so that they could see the problems and then I let them adjust it back into specifications. They realised very quickly that it was not as easy as they first thought and by the time that they had got the adjustments close to correct, it was already lunchtime.

We shut down the system and then I took a slow walk down the road to Cafe On, just as I arrived there, Dumrong pulled up in his car and we both went in together. We sat down and had a beer and we ordered some food, Dumrong then told me that his boss asked if I could go to see him the next afternoon, this I agreed to quickly, my student dome operators were quite well in control now and the next afternoon I would not be missed or really needed. We had our meal together and a general chat over some beer and I realised that Dumrong was not quite the 'bad guy' that I had made him out to be initially, he explained to me that he didn't really get a lot of expences from his company, just enough to take care of his fuel costs for the car. I later paid the bill and Dumrong drove me back to the base and the dome, he went in with me and the operators were busy trying to calibrate the system, Dumrong then took them to one side and had a long chat in Thai with them.

Afterwards, Dumrong came back to me and said he was going outside for a cigarette and asked me to go with him, we went outside, lit our cigarettes and then he told me that the students really respected and liked me and that when they were talking about me to him they used the Thai term 'Ajahn', I asked him what this meant and he told me that it was a term of respect for a tutor / teacher and the nearest English equivalent was 'Professor' or 'knowledgeable one'. I made a mental note of this and then I asked Dumrong for the address of his company, he at first just said that he would come to the dome the next day to pick me up and take me there, but I said to him that I would like the address written down anyway and gave him a small notepad from my pocket, I could see in his face that he didn't understand why I wanted it, but he wrote it for me anyway. He then got in his car and said that he would see me at lunchtime the next day, then drove away. The rest of that afternoon was fairly easy, the operators took turns at trying to calibrate the mirror column and they soon realised themselves that this is an ongoing thing, I tried to explain that because it was 'mechanical', there would always be a little play caused by expansion, contraction, friction or variation in spring tension.

Whenever one of them wanted to speak to me or ask me a question, they always got my attention first by saying the word "Ajahn" and very soon I automatically started to respond and take notice when I heard it. When the vehicle arrived that evening, I left the operators to take care of the dome and I just got in and was taken back to the hotel. I went straight to the lounge and ordered a beer, after the first mouthful of beer, I went to the telephone, phoned the room and On answered, I told her that I was now in the lounge and she said that she would join me soon. On arrived a few minutes later and ordered a coffee, she then told me that the cheapest hire car she could find was 700 baht per day and this sounded very good to me and it gave me a new idea. I was paying 500 baht per day to the RTAF which is what they charged for the vehicle backwards and forwards each day, so for just 700 baht I could have a vehicle at my disposal 24 hours per day. I quickly went to reception and got some paper for a telex, I then wrote a telex to the company asking them to sanction a hire car on expences for me and quoted the cost and the saving from the RTAF vehicle, I then gave the telex to reception to send for me.

I asked On then where this hire car company was and she told me that it was called 'Klong Toey Car Rent' and that it was on Rama IV road and it was about two kilometres from Patpong. I then gave On the address of 'Annex Motors' the company where Dumrong worked and told her that I would be there the next afternoon and if maybe she could meet me there the next evening at about 17:00. I then told her about my new name 'Ajahn' at work and she seemed quite pleased about it. We spent that evening in the lounge again just listening to the band and me drinking beer lots of beer, we had a break for a meal in the coffee shop later and then came back to the lounge again. When the band had finished playing for the night, we went to the disco, danced for a while and then went to bed eventually. This was becoming our nightly routine now and I quite enjoyed it.

'And so it goes On!'


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