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We both woke up early the next morning, I made us both a hot drink and we sat talking about our planned day out that day. It was only when On was talking about the river near where we were going and she said that many tourists went to see the bridge there, that I realised that this is where the 'bridge over the river Kwai' was. When On had told me the day before that we were going to Kanchanaburi, I didn't recognise the name, but now I know where we are going to and why it is popular with tourists. She also told me about the nice countryside near there and said that she would take me to see a lovely, natural waterfall there. We talked a little longer about this whilst we had our hot drinks and we played around together a little Sex again ,then we both took a shower. When we left the hotel, I had to do a U-turn on Viphavadee road and then head towards Bangkok, On then told me to turn right at a major intersection and we eventually crossed the river Chaophraya. Some of the signposts had English on them, but others were just in Thai, the driving was quite easy for me, Thais drive on the same side of the road as me and I enjoy driving anyway, it relaxes me. I let On direct me and I just followed her directions, I didn't really look at the countryside when I was driving, when I drive I only look at the road and other vehicles, not at things around me, I just concentrate on driving.

We eventually reached Kanchanaburi about three hours later, I parked the car and then we found somewhere to have some lunch by the bridge there. After lunch we walked up to the bridge and I walked part of the way across it, the bridge there is in exactly the same spot as the original one, but it is built of metal and of a more modern design now, we then went around a small museum that they had near there and I took a look around, they told the story of the 'death railway' in there and there were a few old photographs of that time. We then headed for the car again because On wanted to take me to the waterfall and we started to drive along the main road, then I spotted a huge graveyard at the side of the road and I parked the car. We went into the graveyard and there were just rows and rows of gravestones, I walked around and read some of the names on them and they were mostly British, the rows of gravestones, just seemed to go on and on as far as I could see and it put a bit of a sad note on what was supposed to be an enjoyable day out with my new girl, so I said to On that we should go back to the car then. These graves and the atrocities committed here should be remembered, but not for me on that day, another day I would return and spend more time here in the right frame of mind.

Back in the car, I started driving and On was giving me directions again, we turned off the main road and started driving on some country roads, after driving for a while and seeing no other vehicles On asked me to pull over and park the car. We then got out of the car and she led me on a dirt path through the trees there and we just kept walking and going up hill for a long time. Evetually we reached a plateau with a small pond in a clearing in the trees and this pond was being fed by a waterfall falling through the rocky hillside above. It was a beautiful place, very quiet with just the sounds of birds and the water falling and there were hundreds of different coloured butterflies flying around, we both sat down on a raised bank above the pond there and I held On close to me and kissed her. We sat there for a long time, there was nobody else in sight and we had this beautiful place completely to ourselves, I was sorry that I didn't have a camera then. On stripped off a little then and jumped into the water, the pond was about three feet deep and she waded to stand under the waterfall and let it run over her, she tried to get me to go in too, but I did not really want to, I was just enjoying sitting there watching her.

Eventually, On waded back over to me and got out of the pond, I wondered then how long it would take for On to dry off again, but she went to a large bag that she had brought with her and pulled one of the Airport hotel towels out of it, she had come prepared for this! she had plans I helped to dry her off and held her close to me and then one thing led to another and we were soon at nature with everything else there, another first for me Sex on the rocks please!. We lay back on the bank there relaxing afterwards, both smoking cigarettes and looking at this wonderful place, then On said to me that she wanted to show me somewhere else not very far away too. So after On got dressed again we headed back to the car, we drove back to the main road and she started giving me directions again. It was late afternoon now and I needed a beer, I told On this and she pointed out a shop at the side of the road, when we stopped she opened the door and then held out her hand to me, I understood and put a 1,000 baht note in it and then she went to buy me some beer, she returned to he car with three plastic bags and put them on the back seat, we then set off again with On giving me directions and eventually after driving uphill for a long time we arrived at the place that she wanted to show me, it was called 'Erawan Dam' and it was like a huge lake, I parked the car there and although this time we were out in an open area, there was still nobody around, so I went to the car rumaged through the plastic bags, got a bottle of beer for me and a bottle of 7-Up for On and we went to sit down by the bank of this dam, On asked me how we were going to open the bottles, I just winked at her and pulled my pocket knife out of my pocket, the blade of this had a bottle opener recess cut into it and I opened the drinks for us.

We had arrived at Erawan at a very good time, the sun was just going down across the lake and it was a lovely sunset that evening, again I silently cursed myself for not having a camera there. This had been a wonderful day out and it was really my first day out like this in Thailand, I had a lovely girl with me too, so I felt that I was a very lucky man then. When the sun had set completely, I said to On, who was now lying in my arms, that we should be heading back to Bangkok now, so we went to the car and set off back. About twenty minutes later past Kanchanaburi, the heavens opened up and it really started to pour down with rain, being nightime and being on strange roads too, this made driving very difficult for me. I then pulled over onto a layby and let the worst of the storm pass over, On was fast asleep with the seat fully reclined next to me, she knew nothing about the storm and I now did not have a navigator. I swiched the car radio on and tuned it to a music channel and then set off again, I did see the occasional sign for Bangkok in English, so I knew that I was heading in the right direction and I relaxed a little, On was still fast asleep, but I was fine driving and then a song played on the radio that seemed to fit this wonderful day very well, the song was 'Magic' by Olivia Newton-John and everything seemed very good for me then and I sang along with it as I was driving back to Bangkok.

Eventually, I found my way back to the Airport hotel, I parked the car and then softly woke On up, she was still sleeping. I held her close to me walking into the hotel because she was still very tired and leaning on me heavily, I eventually got her into the room, undressed her and put her to bed and she fell back to sleep instantly. I needed a nightcap then, so I went down to the lounge and the band was still playing, I ordered a large Gin and tonic and because the song was still floating around in my head, I wrote a request for the band to play 'Magic', the lead singer shook his head to me after reading the request, he obviously didn't know that one, but then they played 'Hello' for me instead, which they knew that I liked, that was fine with me, everything was fine with me today! a very good day Wonderful tonight


'And so it goes On!'


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