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Before I became legless in Thailand

An easy day at the dome

A new life

When I woke up the next morning On was still fast asleep, I didn't want to disturb her so I got out of bed gently. I then had a quick shower and shave, got dressed and left the room quickly closing the door quietly behind me. I had breakfast in the coffee shop, Dim asked me where On was and I told her that she was still asleep, then she laughed and said to me "On must have worked hard last night" and laughed again. After breakfast, a few cups of tea and a few cigarettes later, I made my way to the car and set off for work. Going to the dome now was easy, I just drove up Viphavadee road about 200 metres, drove up the overhead U-turn and as soon as it came down on the other side to Viphavadee again, the entrance to the airport is there, the guard seeing my car pass waved me through, I drove across the end of the runway, passed RTAF HQ on the right and then exited left at the main road on the other side, then just drove about 600 metres to the RTAF base entrance on the right..

'And so it goes On!'


Asia47: A request for a change of scene


** A very recent event **

'Attempting to correct a bad mistake that I made in the past in my life in Asia.'

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Catfish Restaurant Saladan, Koh Lanta Visa trip to Penang / Emotional trip to Koh Lanta


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