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When I woke up the next morning On was still fast asleep, I didn't want to disturb her so I got out of bed gently. I then had a quick shower and shave, got dressed and left the room quickly closing the door quietly behind me. I had my usual breakfast in the coffee shop, Dim asked me where On was and I told her that she was still asleep, then she laughed and said to me "On must have worked very hard last night" and laughed again. After breakfast, a few cups of tea and a few cigarettes later, I made my way to the car and set off for work. Going to the dome now was easy, I just drove up Viphavadee road about 200 metres, drove up the overhead U-turn and as soon as it came down on the other side to Viphavadee again, the entrance to the airport is there, the guard seeing my car pass waved me through, I drove across the end of the runway, passed RTAF HQ on the right and then exited left at the main road on the other side, then just drove about 600 metres to the RTAF base entrance on the right.

The RTAF operators were in the dome when I arrived and they were running target profiles again and taking turns operating the gun, everything seemed to be working fine and the RTAF guys looked like they would really enjoy using the dome in earnest to train anti-aircraft defence gunners. Nothing much for me to do again this morning, just watching the operators practice and making comments. I was glad when it was time for lunch, I just jumped in the car and drove to Cafe On as usual, in there I had some fried rice, chicken curry, Tom Yam and a few beers today Beer helps. Back at the dome after lunch, I was thinking that I would maybe leave a little earlier that day, then the dome door opened and in walked Group Captain Chiloey, he shook my hand and apologised for being absent for a while, he then asked me if there was anything that he could help me with, I told him that I needed another weapon in the dome now and he said that he would arrange that for me for the next day. He then told me that he had contacted Annex motors and requested a new Thai terrain scene for the dome, so they would probably contact me soon to arrange it, he said that he had told Annex Motors about the location that he would like and that they would show me exactly where it was. Looking at his watch, he then said that he had to rush away for an important meeting and he quickly left the dome again.

The rest of the afternoon passed quite slowly, the operators just kept practicing, but there was nothing really for me to do, so I left a little early that day. Back at the hotel, I went up to the room and it was locked, I knocked on the door, but nobody answered it, so I went down to reception and they had the key, So I went back to the room again, put my briefcase in there, locked the door and went down to the lounge. Still being quite early, there was no band playing, but there was a girl in traditional dress on a raised dais near the reception area playing a Thai wooden Xylophone and it was quite pleasant. I ordered a large Gin and tonic with ice and lime and just listened to the Thai music and I was wondering where On had gone to. On arrived back at the hotel about one hour later and reception had told her that I was sitting in the lounge, so she came and sat with me. She had a couple of carrier bags with her and she said that she had been doing a little shopping at Laksi Plaza. Out of one of her bags she pulled out a small box and gave it to me, it was from KFC and she had got me some chicken pieces, I was a bit hungry then so I was glad of this and started munching. She told me that her money was almost finished now, so I dug out my wallet and gave her 5,000 baht, she was quite pleased with this, thanked me, stood up and picked up her bags, then she asked me for the room key and said that she had to go for a shower. After she had left, the band arrived and started tuning up, the lead singer waved at me and I held my glass up to him.

On came back down a little while later, she had changed her clothes and she was looking very pretty, she had bought herself a new blouse and she was wearing it that evening, the band must have seen her arrive because they had just finished one song and then the singer indicated to us with his arm outstretched and said "This next song is for my friend over there and his lovely Lady Longhair" and they played 'Hello' again, this was quickly becoming our song now. On seemed to like all of the attention that she was getting and she waved to the band and smiled at all of the other people in the lounge that were now looking at us. I asked On a while later if she had any ideas about somewhere to go for that weekend and she started thinking about it, we had the car now, so we could virtually go anywhere. I asked her if there was somewhere special that she would like to go and she quickly said "Chiangmai" but then she added that it was much too far to drive there, but it was somewhere that she had never been to and would really like to see. We had a fairly quiet evening again, listening to the band in the lounge and then finishing the night off in the disco later, this was our standard routine now and apart from the fact that we were living in a hotel, we were just like an old married couple now with a set routine each weekday and I found it a very pleasant and comfortable arrangement for both of us and I was very happy with On, but what do we do at the end of this project?? Decisions

'And so it goes On!'


Asia48: A new weapon and tickets to ride


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