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I think that your body must have a subconscious alarm clock, because the next morning I woke up much later than usual and this was fine, because I didn't have to go to the dome today. On was still asleep, so I gently got out of bed and switched the kettle on, I then went to the bathroom and had a relaxing shower followed by a shave and when I left the bathroom the kettle was steaming away, so I made myself a cup of tea and sat by the window. I always need a couple of quick cigarettes in a morning to kick-start my lungs and clear my chest, so I sat there just sipping my tea, smoking and thinking about what we could do today and hoping that Dumrong would get a lead on a gun barrel for me. There were a couple of leaflets in the hotel room that I had never looked at before, so I picked them up now and started glancing through them and I found some information about Chiangmai, so I started reading it, Chiangmai seemed like a very interesting city and I was enjoying just sitting there relaxing, sipping my tea and reading about it, I saw that the Airport hotel had a sister hotel in Chiangmai and it belonged to the same holding company, the Orchid Group of hotels, so that would make things very easy for us if I could get our hotel reception to book us in there for a couple of nights, I shall do that later. I was just making myself a second cup of tea when On woke up, so I made her a coffee too. We then both sat at the coffee table and I showed her the leaflets and the Chiangmai pages in them, I told her that the Airport hotel had a sister hotel in Chiangmai and that I would book it later when we went for something to eat downstairs.

I was feeling far more relaxed today beause I now had someone helping me to solve the dome problem, Dumrong, so I could just chat about Chiangmai with On easily and she seemed very excited about going there. We sat there for a long time sipping our drinks, chatting and looking at the leaflets and when I told her about something in Chiangmai that I was looking at, she came and sat on my knee and looked at it too. As was normal for us now, we were both naked in the room so when she sat on my knee my body started reacting and one thing just led to another quite quickly then Sex again. After we had showered again, we both got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast, I told On what I wanted to eat and I asked her to order it for me whilst I went to reception. At reception, it was very easy booking the hotel in Chiangmai and the reception at the Airport hotel said that they would take care of the Chiangmai hotel bills for me, that was in my plan anyway, so the company would take care of my side trip to Chiangmai directly calculated plans. It was lunchtime when we had finished our breakfast and we just went up to the room again, I asked On if she could put some of our things together in one bag ready for our trip that evening and she started doing that, I put the radio on low, so we had some music and I got myself a beer Beer for Ajahn. On put the television on when she had finished packing the bag and we both stripped off again and lay on the bed holding each other, watching TV and we just had a comfortable afternoon together Sex again. We must have both fallen asleep for a while and I woke up to the telephone ringing, when I answered it, it was Dumrong and he said that he had found a 4070 barrel for me and that we could finalise everything on Monday, so I thanked him for his help and then said that I would see him at the dome on Monday morning. This was very good news for me, it meant that I could spend a good weekend in Chiangmai without having to worry too much about the problems at work.

We left the hotel at 18:30 that evening and just walked across the overpass to the airport, then we slowly made our way to the Domestic Terminal, we checked in for the flight, checked in the bag, got our boarding cards and went to the dparture gate, we then found out that we had to pay airport tax to enter departures, this I took care of quite quickly and then we walked to the departure gate and waited to board the aircraft. It was only then that I found out that On had never been on an aircraft before and she was a little nervous, I reassured her the best that I could and said that I had flown many times before and there was nothing to worry about,Isid that there were far more chances of having an accident in a car than on an aircraft. As we boarded the plane, On was clinging onto my arm and I showed her to her seat, even when we sat down and I strapped us in she was still gripping my hand tightly and I found this quite charming, because I now had quite strong feelings for On and I was happy that she clung onto me for support. The aircraft slowly taxied to the end of the runway, then lined up on the runway itself, the engines started to roar, the brakes were released and I could feel On's hand grip me even tighter. "Next stop Chiangmai!"

Flying high

'And so it goes On!'


Asia51: Chiangmai - The first night


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