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Chiangmai - The silver lining


We both woke up quite early the following morning, I got out of bed and made us both hot drinks and then we sat at the coffee table, completely nude as usual now. I started reading through the leaflets again looking for somewhere interesting to visit today before we leave for the airport that evening. I found a few places that I thought would be interesting, I told On about them and she thought they would be interesting to visit too. We then both showered and got dressed, I then packed the bag, because we would not be coming back to the hotel again today, then we both went downstairs for breakfast. I had my usual English breakfast and On had some rice soup (Kao Tom) with chicken and some toast. After breakfast we went to reception and I gave them the key and told them that we were checking out, nothing to pay for, everything just went back to the airport hotel account which GQ took care of Company expences. I then took a quick look at the leaflet with the map on it that I had in my pocket and when I was satisfied about where we were going, we went to the car. The first place that we went to was not very far, just a couple of kilometres outside of the city and I parked the car and we went in, This was a jade trinket and ornament manufacturing place and we could see the raw jade being treated and then watch the process through to the finished articles, we bought one of the pieces as an ornament for our room and for the workmanship involved in it, it was quite inexpensive.We then went back to the car and we set off for our next stop.

The next place was a silver manufacturing establishment, it was only a relatively small place really and we could walk around and watch the people making silver artifacts and jewellery items, this we both found very interesting and we spent quite a long time there, they even had a small cafe there too, so we could take a break and have a cigarette and some drinks. This silver manufacturing shop was just one of many along the same road and we stopped at them all that day, the last one that we stopped at was a very large establishment and it had a very big showroom of their silver goods which could be viewed through glass displays and also on view at the many circular counters there. I bought a necklace, a bracelet and a ring there for On and for myself, I bought a silver banknote clip for when you are carrying money in your pocket, it would be quite useful for me at work and it was beautifully engraved. This was the last planned stop for the day and we still had a few hours to go, so I suggested to On that we should go to the pub that we stopped at the day before for something to eat and for me to have a beer, On agreed and so we set off back into the city and went to this pub. They had typical English pub grub in there and I ordered myself a cottage pie, which I like, On ordered some Thai food for herself and we had some drinks, a pint of draft beer for me and just a lemonade with ice for On. We sat in there for a couple of hours, looking at the things that we had bought and I put the necklace around On's neck, I put the bracelet on her wrist and the ring on her finger, it all looked lovely on her.

When we left the pub, I drove to the Budget office and settled up with them for the car, they gave is a lift to the airport and we checked in for the flight back to Bangkok. On was quite relaxed on the plane this time, now that she had flown before, we arrived at Bangkok's Don Muang airport at 19:00 and after picking up the bag we just took a slow stroll across to our hotel, this was one of the good things about staying at the Airport hotel, the convenience for travellers was excellent. I picked up our key at reception and we went up to the room, we emptied the bag and then went back downstairs again to the lounge, as we walked in, the singer waved to us and the very next song they played was 'our song' again. We sat there that evening talking about our time in Chiangmai, listening to the music and me doing my usual a gallon of beer. When the band had finished playing for the evening, we went into the disco and danced for a while and then we went to the room fairly early because I had to go to work the next day, the weekend was over now and what a very good weekend it was!


'And so it goes On!'


Asia54: One problem solved and another starts


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