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A feeling of contentment with a blip

The dome Don Muang

I was feeling quite refreshed when I woke up the next morning, no work to do today and no problems to solve either, maybe that was why I felt so good, I had nothing pressing on my mind. The counterweight should be ready for collection the next day and hopefully it would slot straight into the gun and I would just have to fit the accessories and calibrate it, fairly easy for me really. I slid out of bed and switched on the kettle on my way to the bathroom, I was still feeling very relaxed and quite pleased with myself, I know that On had a lot to do with the way I felt, but the lack of pressure from work now made everything seem extra good. I made myself a cup of tea and sat by the window, I was just watching On sleeping and thinking how lucky I was, but what do I do about us when this project finishes in a few weeks? After a few of cups of tea and many cigarettes later I saw On begin to stir, so I went over to her said good morning, kissed her and asked her if she would like a coffee, she said that she would really like one and then went to the bathroom, so I made the coffee and sat by the window again. When she had finished in the bathroom, On came to sit with me and drink her coffee, I started asking her questions about how to go to the crocodile farm and she told me that it was not very far, only about a twenty minute drive away.

After we had both showered and got dressed, we went down to the coffee shop for some breakfast, I ordered kao tom and toast again because I was starting to quite like this now for breakfast and On had a fried rice. Later, after we had finished our meal and I had signed the bill, we went to the car. On directed me to the crocodile farm and just as she had said, it was only about a twenty minute drive there. I was a little surprised when we entered the crocodile farm, because the cost of entry for me was four times the cost for a Thai person, this was quite obvious discrimination and being English this was very strange to me, because any form of discrimination is against the law in England, but I paid and went in with On. There were many displays in the farm and lots of areas where you could see many crocodiles at various stages of development, the main attraction in there was a sunken pit, where a Thai handler was putting on a display with a crocodile much bigger than himself, it was a very good show and the crocodile was obviously well tamed, because he even put his head in it's mouth at one stage, at the end of the show everyone threw some money in the pit and the crocodile even tried to help to collect some of it. Very clever

As we were leaving the crocodile farm, I spotted some stalls near the entrance that were selling Thai arts and crafts, I saw some black Thai silk, hand crafted silhouettes that interested me and I now had to think about buying some presents to take back to UK for my friends and family. I didn't have any idea how much they would cost and I didn't want to pay over the odds for these, so I thought that On could help me with this, so I asked her how much they normally cost and I was surprised when she answered me and said "As much as you want to pay for them", I tried to explain to her that I didn't have any idea how much these were and I just needed her to give me an idea about the price, but she just answered the same again to me. I didn't understand why On couldn't or wouldn't help with this, so I just asked the stall holder how much they were and paid the asking price for a few of them. As I drove back to the hotel later, this small incident was still playing on my mind, because I thought that I could count on On now to help me with anything and her reply to my question at the stall earlier I just didn't understand. Back at the hotel, I went straight to the lounge because it was now early evening and I needed a beer, we sat down at a table and I ordered a beer for myself and On just had a lemonade with ice and lime. Because it was still playing on my mind, I asked On why she couldn't help me when I was buying the thai arts at the stall, she then said to me that the Thai girl that made and sold the arts needed to get as much money as she possibly could for them, so that is why she said that I should pay whatever I thought they were worth to me. I still did not understand and it still did not really answer my question as to why she couldn't help me with the price, but I just let it drop there and drank a few more beers quickly Another gallon of beer tonight. We had our usual night in the lounge that night, listening to the band and then went to the disco later, but something was still crawing at me about that incident at the art stall that day, I couldn't quite understand why it was such a big issue with me, but it just wouldn't go away from my mind, so eventually I just drank it off with lots more beer and fell asleep fully clothed in the room that night as soon as I lay on the bed Legless coma.


'And so it goes On!'


Asia59: A slight misunderstanding for Tongcam


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'Attempting to correct a bad mistake that I made in the past in my life in Asia.'

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