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A slight misunderstanding for Tongcam

The dome at Don Muang, Thailand

I awoke early the next morning, I was looking forward to going to work today and receiving the modified counterweight, this should be the last major problem with the dome installation overcome. On was still sleeping and I quickly got ready for work and went down to breakfast. I was just about halfway through my breakfast when On turned up at the table, she asked me why I didn't wake her up and I just replied that I thought that she might need the sleep and I wanted to go to work quickly today because I had something important to do. I did stay drinking tea until On had finished her breakfast and then I signed the bill and left quickly for the dome. I arrived quite early at the dome and I was not surprised that nobody else was there, I just opened the dome, switched the system on and ran a profile to check the calibration. After I had done this with a few different profiles, I started wondering why there was still no sign of the operators, I went outside for a cigarette and whilst I was sitting on the dome base smoking, I noticed that there were very few people around the base in general, then it dawned on me and after playing the last few days through my mind, I realised that it was Saturday and weekend now, so I thought that I should check to see if the counterweight was really arriving today. I switched the system off and locked the dome, then I drove to Cafe On and used their phone to call Annex Motors, luckily they were working today, so I asked for Dumrong and when he came on the line, I asked him about the counterweight and he told me that it would be delivered on Monday, I then reminded him that he had told me two days ago that it would be ready in two days, he then apologised and said to me that he had meant two working days time, so I thanked him for this information and then hung up the phone.

It was now 10:00 am on Saturday morning and I was in the cafe On anyway, so I ordered a beer and then I just relaxed sitting at a table in there, drinking, smoking and thinking about what I should do now. I had no plans for the weekend, so sitting in the cafe at the moment seemed as good a place as anywhere else to be, I was the only customer in the cafe and On, the owner, came to talk with me, her English was very limited, but she said that she wanted to practice it. We chatted in English for a while and then she said that she had made some special food for herself that day, she asked me if I would like to try some of it and I agreed. She brought many different dishes of food to the table and then she joined me to dine. There were still no other customers in the place and I was enjoying the taste of all of these new dishes to me, it amused me that her name was On too, so I asked her if this was a common name in Thailand, she told me that On is not a real name it is a nickname and that her real name was Orawan, she went on to say that all Thai people have nicknames it was just normal for them. After the meal and another beer, I thanked On for the meal and asked her for the bill, she charged me for the beer, but only charged me a small token amount for the meal. As I stood up to leave, I thanked On for everything and I said that I would probably see her again on Monday. I then drove back to the hotel and went to the room, On wasn't there, so I just went back downstairs and sat in the lounge, I had already had two beers at the cafe, so I ordered a long Gin and tonic with lime and lots of ice and just sat back and relaxed.

On turned up about thirty minutes later, she had seen me sitting in the lounge and came to sit with me, she asked me why I had come back early and I told her about the counterweight and that I had forgotten what day it was, so many things had happened so quickly, just one week ago we were in Chiangmai. I then asked here what her real name was and she told me that her real name was Bungon Saenthaweesuk, I told her that I had just found out that day that all Thais have nicknames and that we didn't do that in England, she then told me that she had a nickname for me and that it was Tongcam, I asked her if it had any meaning and she said that it just meant gold in Thai, so it seemed okay to me. I then said to On that I wanted to go into Bangkok that evening, I had to clear the hire car for that week and I had to settle with Tony at the Tavvern for her time off too. So a while later we drove into Bangkok, I stopped at the car rental and settled with them and then I drove to Patpong and parked the car in the carpark on Patpong 2 road. Walking down from where I had parked the car in the carpark, we were walking on the second level when I spotted the pub in there again, so I asked On to go in there for a while, inside the 'Bobby's Arms' it was quite pleasant, they had a British style pub at one end and a large dining area sectioned off from it as a restaurant, they had draft beer in there too, so I had a large draft beer and On had a lemonade with ice, we didn't stay long, we just had one drink in there, but I did look at the restaurant menu whilst I was there and I thought that I would try the food in there sometime. It was just a short walk from there to the Tavvern and Tony welcomed us as we walked in, On again went to help behind the bar and I settled up with Tony for her time off. As usual now, Phet came over and asked me to play darts with her and I spent a lot of time playing darts that evening, I never hit a '180' again, but I was trying. Tony had some new videos again, so after playing darts, I sat at my stool opposite On at the bar and just watched videos until the pub closed. We then just drove back to the hotel, had a few dances in the disco until it closed and then went to bed. We had no plans for the Sunday, so it would just be a lazy day in the room and just enjoying our own company. Maybe a little sex thrown in


'And so it goes On!'


To be continued on Asia60.htm - coming soon!


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