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The following day, again we woke up very late and Myra was still not feeling very good, she had hot and cold sweats, nausea and headaches still. I went downstairs to the dining area and got her a hot cup of tea with lemon, hoping that would help somehow. I got a hot cup of tea and a bacon sandwich for myself because Myra said that she could not eat anything yet. I carried everything to the room and we had tea and breakfast on the bed. Myra occasionally had to go to the bathroom to be sick and then return to bed, so no plans that day to go anywhere now. I tried to push her to see a doctor, but she kept refusing and saying that whatever it was that she had, it wasn't really bad enough to see a doctor and after drinking her lemon tea she just rolled over and went to sleep again.

I went for a walk outside then and walked down River Valley road looking at all of the small shops and looking for a pharmacy to see if I could get something to help Myra. I eventually found a small shop that sold chinese medicinal products and I explained about Myra's symptoms to the old man there, he then started routing through some of his boxes and eventually he found and gave me some small packets of powder and he just said mix each packet with a glass of warm water and she should take this three times a day or more if she felt bad. I paid him for about ten packets of this powder and then wandered back to the hotel with them. I showed them to Myra when I got back to the room and I tried to read from the packets exactly what they were, but all of the writing was in Chinese. Myra still lying in bed said that she would try one anyway, so I went downstairs and got a hot cup of water and stirred this powder into it. When she sipped it, she said that it was slightly lemon flavoured with just a touch of another sour taste, but it was quite pleasant and refreshing, so she finished the cup, rolled over and went to sleep again.

I thought that I would go for a walk whilst Myra slept it off and feeling quite energetic I decided to walk to Orchard road and found it quite easy going really. I just walked down Orchard road loooking at all of the shops, I walked around the Shaw centre again and again found many shops of interest to me. I decided to walk to Orchard road carpark and get some food for myself and take a carry out back for Myra just in case she felt like eating later. As I was nearing Orchard road carpark, on the opposite side of the road I spotted some tables with parasols on a lawn outside a bulding on Orchard road itself and it looked quite pleasant and interesting, I wandered over to look at it and it turned out to be a small beer garden and cafe. Now this was definitely my style of establishment, so I wandered in, sat down and ordered a jug of draft beer. It was very pleasant just sitting there in the centre of Singapore on Orchard road and sitting at a table on a grass lawn, drinking draft beer and watching all of the busy traffic and people going by, I made a mental note to remember that place as a place to relax, but after all of this time, even though I know exactly where it is and I could still find it, if it is still there! I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the place and yet it was a place that became a regular haunt of mine over time. Legless on Orchard road

I sat there for a very relaxing couple of hours drinking beer and I had a bowl of chicken rice soup to eat, then I ordered a portion of oyster pancakes to take away and paid the bill. Still feeling fairly energetic and knowing the way now, I just took a slow stroll back to the hotel. back in the room, Myra was just waking up as I arrived, she said that she felt a little better now and was not feeling sick anymore, I showed her the oyster pancakes that I had brought and she ate one quickly, so she was definitely feeling a better now. She had a shower and got dressed and then we went downstairs for a late afternoon cup of tea, Myra said that she still had a bit of a headache, but the other symptoms were now fading, I thought that maybe it was that Chinese powder that was helping, so I went to the room and got her another one. This time she mixed it with her tea and drank it down easily.

That evening Myra felt well enough to go out, so we both agreed on the venue and we went back to the poolside rooftop at the Hilton Hotel. Again it was such a nice evening with a starry sky and again we had a very pleasant and relaxing time. The good thing for both of us there in Singapore, was that the nights were warm and sultry and it was very enjoyable to sit outside in the evening, so different to the UK.

'Settling in the tropics'

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