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If you have arrived on this page from the 'Thai whore from hell' main page, then the story still continues, if not, then please read the previous page first.

My never ending story continues:

Even after this evil piece of human garbage went to live with her new husband in the UK, she still tried to connect with me on a daily basis through the internet, probably completely out of the sight of her husband and using the notebook computer that she had gotten as a present from one of her whoring customers. She kept sending me email each day, which I deleted on sight and she would also try to chat with me on MSN Messenger, but I just completely ignored it. This went on for about six months before she finally gave up and the last time that she tried to connect with me was more than four years ago now.

June 2009 - I was very surprised to receive a new email from her again this year and I just ignored it for a while, because I have found that the best way to deal with the mental pain that she caused me is to try and delete any memories of her from my mind, even though before I considered them to be the best times in my life. After a few days though, curiosity got the better of me and I finally opened the email today. The email that she sent to me was not to my usual email addresses and I recognised the email address as being one that I use from my personal 'About' page on my Legless in Thailand website, so I deduced from this that she had finally found my websites now. In my reasoning, the only reason that this piece of human garbage ever wants to contact me is purely a financial one, so I was again surprised to read the email from her with the internet link below:

Email received:

Hello Ian,

I hope you are well and everything in your life is going well

some of song I send to you, I would like to share with you

I alway remember of you.

Take care


I don't know what her new game or ploy with me is now, but I do know that I do not want anything to do with her ever again. I did reply for a change this time though:

My reply:

Don't send any more emails to me again because I will not reply next time!

EGO contemno vos, vos malum meretricis (Latin for 'I hate you, you evil whore')

Haud Crur (Latin for 'Wise with one leg')

It should take her some time to work out the latin phrases and keep her occupied. What her new game is now I haven't quite worked out yet, but I shall keep you informed on this page with any more developments from her.

Cheers for now, The Legless Fool Always leglessThe legless fool - Solo

---------The latest development---------

My never ending story continues:

After two years of silence I thought that I had finally heard  the last of 'the whore from hell' but out of the blue today I received yet another email from her.

26 June, 2011 - Checking my email today, I was surprised to see an email  from the Thai whore in UK and after ignoring it for a while and taking care of my other emails, curiosity got the better of me again and I opened it:

Email received:

Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011 10:33 AM
To: <>
Subject: hello from Scoltand

Hello Ian,
I hope you are well. I found your website last few years ago and read all about it so very good and interesting..I hope you got this email before I am in Thailand. I will go visit Thailand for month. where are you now? would you like to see me...I know you are not want to even hear my name...everything happened in our part I dont' want to mention we all know well. I just would like to see you visit you as I am never...never forget about you

my life now is good and my marry life is great but I never for get your life..if you still in Thailand let me know if you want to see me for dinner or even say Hello !

Hope to see you soon



I thought that she had taken the hint after my last email to her a couple of years ago and that I would never hear from her again. She is obviously on her way back to Thailand this week and quite obviously without her husband. Besides sending this email to me, I wonder how many of her whoring past, male clients she has also contacted by email?  Money for honey 

I am definitely not replying to her email this time, the only time that I would ever like to see her again would be to visit her when she is a human vegetable in an intensive care ward in a hospital somewhere, hopelessly disfigured and in severe pain.  Human garbage!

Cheers for now, The Legless Fool  Always leglessThe legless fool - hermit


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