Love is a dream

'Love is an illusion'

Love is just a dream, a pure fantasy, an absolutely fictional state of mind and being. The idea of love first originated, was first thought of and was first brought into our lives by the females of our species countless generations ago, I now know that it was introduced for the sole purpose of brainwashing the males of the species into believing that it truly is a real and wonderful thing and that it is something that we all should have, or strive to have in our lives. The main purpose of this brainwashing, is so that the females can then get close enough to the successfully brainwashed males in the guise of love, to relieve them of the majority, if not all, of their worldly posessions and funds virtually unnoticed whilst the males are still completely distracted, believing and living in this female-induced, purely fictional state of mind and being, called 'love'.

I went through a very difficult period in my life that I have given the term of an 'emotional vacuum' and it was only at the end of this period that I started to see things clearly and without the influence of this brainwashing and then looking objectively at all of this, it all became very, very apparent to me and I could finally see things as they really are.

Learned from many relationships and a lifetime of experience – John McMiken

So the only true love in my life now and the only partner that I can depend upon 100% to keep me happy and never do me any wrong, cause me any pain or any unhappiness is:

True love --BEER-- My only love

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Three real life examples of 'love is a dream' are below:

Noi the Thai bitch The Thai whore from hell / The girl that ruined my life

Catfish restaurant Saladan, Koh Lanta Visa trip to Penang/Emotional trip to Koh Lanta

Autobiography of a fool in love

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