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Enjoying your time in Thailand, but find you miss a little bit of home? After 20+ years living here, so do I occasionally, but I know where there is a bit of England here in Thailand, a British pub here in Bangkok that I have frequented over the last 15 years, even before I was legless Literally legless.

English food, good atmosphereReal English food


Pints of ale

The Ship Inn, British pub, Bangkok, Thailand, pints of beer and pub grub.

Thai food is good, but sometimes you feel you want to eat pub grub like bangers and mash, fish and chips, a real English breakfast, cheese on toast, a pork pie, or just a traditional British roast lunch in a relaxing British Pub with a few pints of beer and a good atmosphere, maybe even a game of darts! Well it is all available here in the heart of Bangkok, a well kept secret only known by a privileged few, well hidden from the casual visitor. Somewhere where you can get a pint of beer, I have had many good nights in here, well I shall give you the location below, of this Oasis, which is the way I think of it. This pub is also featured in my latest novel "Ex Post Facto" . Because it is my local in Bangkok, I personally refer to it as 'The legless pub'. I have visited all the other so-called British pubs in Thailand that you may find advertised on the internet, but to me they are all just a cultural compromise. The Ship Inn, 'Legless' pub' is the only real British pub that sticks to British tradition and makes you feel that you are genuinely in a real Brit pub, no compromises. Just like the pubs in UK, the bar staff actually remember what you are drinking and your refill is half pulled before you reach the bar again. My personal favourite pub grub in here is the cottage pie, followed by a few pints of draft beer, it sets you up real well for the night, good legless nights out in Bangkok!


***New legless pub Bangkok My latest legless pub hangout New legless pub Bangkok***

Having just moved back again to Bangkok recently after a couple of years living in the Thai countryside, I have now discovered a great new British pub here. The name of this pub is 'The Pickled Liver' and it has very quickly become the expat 'in place' for socialising and relaxing in the evenings in Bangkok. It has a great atmosphere and it is located in a quiet backstreet not far from Sukhumvit road. They have good international pub grub, relatively cheap beer, very friendly and helpful staff and three large flat TV screens around the bar to enjoy any sports, news, music, etc. A very good crowd of people get in there and I am now one of them. Legless nights on the town with new friends in Bangkok! My new legless pub

Legless pub***Pickled pub***British pub Bangkok

To learn more about the Pickled Liver 'Legless' new British pub 'local' in Bangkok, then please click on an image above or on this line to visit their own website.


This page has not been created for any personal financial benefit, I just created it to show people where there are good British pubs in Bangkok that I can personally recommend. Well I think that I have rambled on long enough now, all of this talk of pubs is making me thirsty.

Cheers for now, hic! Legless fool - Solo


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The location of the Ship Inn in Bangkok

British pub in Bangkok, expat hangout


Location of the Pickled Liver

My legless local pub








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