Blue Diamond Hotel - Penang

422 Chulia Street, Georgetown 10200 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 (0)4 2611089

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This hotel I can personally recommend. It is centrally located in the
popular Chulia Street area and is very reasonably priced. This is also a great meeting place for visitors to Penang for a memorable night out.

It features an excellent open-air bar/cafe with live music at the front:

Coco Island Traveller's Corner

The boss of this hotel enjoying the musicJamming nightsLeg, lead singer and musician

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This is an excellent place to spend the evening, I always spend every evening here on my visits to Penang. It features live music led by singer/musician 'Leg' who is a great character and has a very unique style of his own when putting popular songs across. You can even join in the music scene here yourself, I do!

Try the Mexican food sold here - very good!  

Legless in Thailand by John McMiken

I had a very unusual trip to Penang recently and if it had not been for
The Blue Diamond, I would have had many problems - Story here



Georgetown, Penang Map below - Take a look - Legless





Hotel and area Map Georgetown Penang

I am sorry if the map is a little blurred, it is just a map that was given to me by another traveller in Penang that I scanned and added a little colour to.

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