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Ian Reed (that's me), I was originally from St Helens in Lancashire, England, UK, but I have lived in South East Asia on and off for more than 25 years now, mainly in Thailand, but also for reasonably long periods in Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea.

I decided to create this section of the legless group as a break from my other zones and just use it as somewhere that I can write about some of my experiences and generally about my time and life in Asia in my Asian diaries and it will eventually contain all of the stories of this legless fool in Asia. I also wanted somewhere to show some of my photos and to talk about my life in general. I have a blog that I write in regularly 'The Legless Blog', but I cannot always discuss topics on there that I have very deep feelings about, for fear of maybe alienating too many people and some of the stories that I have to tell are much too long just for a blog anyway. If someone has taken the time to find this site, then maybe this is just what they are looking for.

This Reed in Asia site wasn't really planned for, I just had some extra space on my web server and it was just on impulse that I decided that I needed somewhere to open up a little and let some of my otherwise hidden emotions, thoughts, memories and feelings to be vented. This is a new site and I shall work on it gradually, there are no deadlines, I am not limited for space on here and I have initial plans for many pages with varying topics that I would like to discuss openly, one topic that will always be spoken about on here is beer, because I do love beer. My energy source More beer for legless maybe a gallon

No love anymore Love - The one-way road to ruin, dismay and heartache

Noi the Thai bitchThe Thai whore from hell / The girl that ruined my life


Trying to correct a bad mistake that I made in my life.

Click the link below to read it:

Catfish restaurant Saladan, Koh Lanta Visa trip to Penang / Emotional trip to Koh Lanta


The Asian Diaries Index with RSS feed below:

These diary entries are written in chronological order and each entry assumes that you have read the previous entries, so the best way to understand and enjoy the diaries is to start at the beginning and work your way through them. Because of the amount of time that will be covered in these diaries, it will probably take me about four or five years (More) to arrive at the present date and by that time these diaries will have grown to such a size that I shall be able to publish them in a book format.

Copyright 2008 - 2020: If you are reading these diaries now, then I am quite happy for you to copy them and keep them for your own personal use, but not to distribute them or display them for other people or commercially use them without my prior approval, because the copyright of these diaries belongs to the person who lived through them and wrote them:

Legless fool, God, king, guru Me - Ian Reed / John McMiken (The Legless Fool)Two hands, one leg

The Asian Diaries

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Asia1: The RAF and my first Venture into Asia


Asia2: The RAF and my first Venture into SE Asia

Asia3: RAF Tengah, Singapore at last!

Asia4: Singapore acclimatisation

Asia5: Singapore our new home now

Asia6: our new lifestyle in the tropics

Asia7: Settling in the tropics

Asia8: First day at work in Singapore

Asia9: A place we could call 'home'

Asia10: A place we could call 'home' II

Asia11: Getting into a routine

Asia12: Getting into a routine II

Asia13: Married life in the Orient

Asia14: TGIF - Weekend tomorrow!

Asia15: The weekend at home

Asia16: The chef comes home

Asia17: All good things must come to an end


Asia18: Another first for me in Asia - Thailand

Asia19: Landing in another world - Thailand / Siam

Asia20: A new lifestyle for me - Siamease

Asia21: This is not a holiday, this is work!

Asia22: A trip to the seaside

Asia23: This is what I am paid for

Asia24: My first Pattaya nightime venture

Asia25: Back to Bangkok and the dome

Asia26: First day at the dome and a little more

Asia27: The power arrives but needs some help

Asia28: Bangkok - My first night out on the town

Asia29: A lazy day and down to my local at night

Asia30: My first day alone at the dome

Asia31: Leaving on a jet plane

Asia32: My new daily routine

Asia33: Another day at the Dome

Asia34: An accidental change to my routine

Asia35: Getting On with my life

Asia36: Getting to know you

Asia37: A day out and then into my new routine

Asia38: Someone to come home to now

Asia39: Everything's coming together nicely

Asia40: The next logical step

Asia41: Developing a new social life

Asia42: Ajahn Reed is in control now

Asia43: Ajahn Reed gets mobile

Asia44: Have to believe this is magic

Asia45: A day off with no plans

Asia46: An easy day at the dome

Asia47: A request for a change of scene

Asia48: A new weapon and tickets to ride

Asia49: Ajahn Reed has a big problem

Asia50: Leaving it all behind for a while

Asia51: Chiangmai - The first night

Asia52: Chiangmai - A romantic setting

Asia53: Chiangmai - The silver lining

Asia54: One problem solved and another starts

Asia55: Good news for a change

Asia56: The warrior returns triumphant

Asia57: Coming together nicely now!

Asia58: A feeling of contentment with a blip

Asia59: A slight misunderstanding for Tongcam



Sketch map of Don Muang Area referred to in the Thailand diaries


About Ian Reed

About John McMiken

Autobiograhy of a fool My first published book 'Legless in Thailand

Ex Post Facto My new novel that I am still writing

True short stories Some of my true short stories

Legless world of words The Legless Blog

the SaintsSt Helens: My home town

Pub grub beer legless bkk The Ship Inn: a great British pub in Bangkok

Hotel Penang The Blue Diamond Hotel: my favourite place in penang

Legless pics Legless Pics Page: A page of amusing pics for viewing

Hat Yai Thailand Legless in Hat Yai: When I was stuck in Hat Yai unplanned

Lovely Laos Legless in Vientiane, Laos: My first trip to Laos

Lovely Laos Legless in Vientiane, Laos II: My second trip to Laos very recently


I shall be adding to this site over time, so if anyone is interested then please have a little patience and call back here from time to time. One of my very few pleasures in life these days is beer so I shall be occasionally referring to beer, I just wish that beer was the only reason that I am legless all the time absolutely legless now

Thanks for viewing my site, cheers for now, The Legless Fool Always legless

If you wish to email me:


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